2016 Highlights and Lowlights


This week’s recording (16th December) will be the last regular show this year as we go into the Christmas and New Years period (don’t worry, we’ll still have shows over the holidays for your listening pleasure!).

As such we plan to look back on 2016 and talk about our highlights and lowlights, and we’d love to hear yours too!

Gaming, personal, what was your year like?


Low Light, the UHH 2 and all the drama. High Light, Finding good friends in the Zed 2 Zed community.

Yes cheesy but true


Just obtained these in December, highlights for sure!

Completed Games - 100, Lots of great completions, but Halo Wars has to be my favorite. Only took 2697 days 2 hours 45 minutes since I started it.

GamerScore - 200,000, goal for next year, 250,000!

Lowlights -

Playing Overlord: Fellowship of evil. Such a different game then the previous titles. And impossible to complete. Bah.

Xbox360 won’t connect to WiFi anymore, constantly freezes, realization that it is really about to be the last 360 I own. Special edition Reach console.


I’ll keep it to gaming because there will be enough discussion all around us about everything that went wrong during this past year.


Diving headfirst into the world of gamerscore. Hitting my 100k after being at 45k to begin the year.

Project Spark completion. I know it’s not the hardest completion, but all the things that went into scrambling to get that thing done is something to look back on and laugh. Being in a Rising Star session with over 150 people and pushing so many people across that 100 download finish line.

Boom Boom Rocket completion. I played the demo a bunch when that thing came out back in the day, so getting the full game and being able to complete it when so few have done in the past 10 years was a highlight.


Completing Need For Speed Rivals on an EA Access Trial Week. I was glad to get it done, but trying to get something done on that little time was a bit much. Pretty much being forced into spending a week on one game was torture by the end.


Lowlight - in the era where we’re more connected then ever, the number of smaller niche ID@xbox games that are coming out with no Online multiplayer, couch co-op only. Overcooked is a good example of a game I’d love to check out but I have 0 interest because my gaming friends are not local. #Idarb had some online functionality but I could of really stuck with that game if I could do full team vs online.


Biggest highlight has to be finding my first ‘xbox’ friends from the community. I’ve never been big into online gaming with headsets etc or done any boosting! Been awesome to get to know the UK zed to zed guys and Tarragon! So a big shout out and thanks for being so friendly to @angelsk, @Mclovin, @Buckmarley155, @Tatey and of course @zzUrbanSpaceman! Also congrats to Jo for being the first of our group to complete Titanfall!

Another highlight, that I will do! Is complete my goal of 100 completions by the end of the year. Only got 2 to go!

Have also really enjoyed the RTDL its got me back into games I thought I would never revisit. I am quite a competitive person so its nice to have an ongoing challenge. My personal goal is to try and keep in the overall top 10 if I can.

Not really got any lowlights, generally try not to be rainy!

Would like to finish by thanking everyone involved with the podcast and community events you guys are awesome. I for one really appreciate all of your efforts! Obviously the biggest shoutout has to go to @Freamwhole, @zzUrbanSpaceman, @Crandy, @Proulx and @Spazpol for hosting the show every week! Thanks again for all your hard work, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Zed to Zeds!


That’s an awesome post - Keith271179.

Have a great 2017