2017 Gaming Goals


What is everyone’s gaming goals for the upcoming year?

I have a list of 10 that I will announce on episode 56, but I want to hear yours.

Sound off.


I’ve realized that I spend a lot of time looking at older games that I either never knew about or just never got around to playing, so the goal is to start working my way through the games lisyt by year. The 2017 goal is to wrap up everything from 2005, 2006 and 2007 that I’m interested in playing. Obviously I’m skipping anything with discontinued or unobtainable achievements. Even if I just stuck with trying to complete the games from this date range that I already own, it would be a huge task, including Gears of War, Perfect Dark Zero, Dead Rising, Overlord, Mass Effect and Ace Combat 6…but there’s so many more that I’d like to play, though some of them are going to be impossible for me to complete. Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be able to exclude games from this date range and move closer to new games…though I’ll always be YEARS behind.

On a side note, if anyone has delisted Arcade games that I could somehow borrow access to, please let me know, especially Gauntlet and TMNT 1989 Arcade…


It would be very possible and fairly safe to do logistically with the right security settings, but I do wonder about potentially getting on the wrong side of Microsoft’s enforcement team. Wouldn’t mind discussing it further in private though.


Looking back on my goals for 2016, I see that I finished the following goals:

  • Hit 100k GS
  • Get a completion percentage of 35% up from 20%
  • Complete 38 XB1 games

The goals I didn’t hit were:

  • Complete LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
  • Complete LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
  • Complete 15 games on the 360/XBLA (only completed 4)
  • Hit 150k GS. I’m currently 3.4k short and I just don’t think I’m going to make it.

I definitely noticed my GS and completion averages dropping around the same time that I started being more active in the Z2Z community so clearly, you are all to blame :grin:. However, I think that my failures are more a reflection of my desire to engage in the community more than just grind away in the wee hours of the night by myself. In college and after, I had a good group of gaming friends, but as work and family life took its toll I found that I was pretty much the only person I knew who still had the desire to play and talk about games all the time. Thanks to the community that you guys have fostered, I feel like I have found my people again. So for that, I thank you all.

With that being said, here are the goals I’m thinking about setting for 2017.

  • Be in at least one if not two Z2Z active boosting groups per month.
  • Complete Destiny for 360 so that I can get the related stack on the XB1.
  • Renew my goal of completing the early LEGO Star Wars games.
  • Shoot for 10 360/XBLA completions (cleaning out the backlog).

I was going to put a goal of 250k GS but to be honest, I just don’t feel the need to hit a certain number as my priorities now are more about having fun and engaging more with the community.


Here are my goals:

  • Reach 200,000 gamerscore
  • Reach 300,000 True Achievement Score
  • Reach 1,000 day achievement streak
  • Complete 30 games
  • Get back to 65% completion
  • Be top 25 for Gamerscore in MA
  • Be top 100 for completion % in MA
  • Complete my original Xbox Game of Dead Rising


Here is my short list:

*raise my GS to 100,00
*raise my TA gs to 150,000
*complete 15 games
*clear out some of my backlog
*stop going for the new shinny and finish what I start
*play with the fine folks here at zed to zed


I’ll keep mine short and sweet:

-Get to 300K TA (from 212,137)
-Make it past at least June in GTASC team competition
-Make it to the Semi-Finals in GTASC individual competition
-Finish Fream’s completion challenge


Preloading in all my games makes reaching goals difficult, especially completion-related ones. Here’s a short list of goals to aim for:

EDIT: Sept 27

  • Reach an estimated 24 hours’ worth of preloaded achievements (22.5 hours)
  • Preload Stampers Forever in Rare Replay (324/330 stamps)
  • Reach an owned completion percentage of 80% (lots remaining) - This is ruined because I bean dived.
  • Complete or preload 10 Platformer games: (1)Unravel; (2)10 Second Ninja X; (3)Thomas Was Alone; (4)The Swapper; (5)Hue; (6)Portal 2; (7)No Time to Explain; (8)Rogue Legacy; (9)Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China
  • Continue lowering my backlog by 1 game per month: I have been finishing games every month, but I had a bean dive in July and started games for UHH in September.
  • Meet a gamer from TA or Zed to Zed in real life
  • Reach 50% owned completion in all but three (non-preloaded) games. (Now: 28 games) - Ruined by bean dive
  • Beat my previous best streak of 192 days (Now: 198 days)
  • Get eliminated from GTASC in February
  • Find a regular gaming session

  • Reach 500,000 GS
  • Reach 900,000 TA
  • Reach 300 completions games
  • Try for 65% completion
  • 1.7 Ratio
  • Finish Fream’s completion challenge
  • Finish in top 10 overall RTDL


@SkepticalMario I have questions :slight_smile:
Why preload if you want to be eliminated from GTASC?
How do you tell what you owned completion percentage is? Calculating this manually yourself?


@NBAKirkland the preloading is not for a contest, simply so I can eventually earn a whoooooole lot of points in 24 hours.

I don’t want to sit the GTASC out entirely, but staying in would be too distracting. I want to focus on completion, and cleaning up games I started in the last two years.

Owned completion percentage is just the “DLC I Own” setting on TA - I use that for my personal goals since the stuff I don’t own doesn’t matter to me :slight_smile:


I’ll be happy if 3 of these happen, but no reason not to shoot for the stars:

  • Reach 100K GS
  • Get to 66.6% completion on both TA and TT :smiling_imp:
  • Finish all the monthly gamertag challenges
  • Try to be in top 10 every month for RTDL
  • After last year’s terrible miscalculation, try to get back to October in the GTASC individual

I’d like to give Freamwhole’s completion challenge a shot too, but since I don’t have a XBOne, that’s not gonna happen. Maybe I’ll try a combination 360 and PS version just to amuse myself…


Number one in the world… *drops the mic


Reach 200,000 GS
Finish Freams completion challenge
Finish gamertag challenge every month
Stay in overall top 10 of RTDL


Just one.

Reach 400k


Try to increase my completion percentage and not buy as many damn games. Lol


140,000 GS by the end of the year (31k increase)
365-day streak (should get on August 10th)
130 completed games
Kinect Labs games completed (gotta pick up the mantle from Fream…)


Complete 50 games (only counting owned dlc) Completed 40 this year, kinda surprised it was so high so may as well try to surpass that

500,000 TA
275,000 GS
100+ day streak, best is 62 days so far. Will be really hard to do with Mediacom in Iowa.

  1. Finally break 100,000 gamerscore this year.
  2. Double my completed total games… From 45 current to 90.
  3. Achievement Streak of 50 days, current longest is 23 days. I have set a goal of this by my birthday in April.
  4. Complete all Kinect Labs games
  5. Unlock all monthly achievements in Windows Microsoft games (i.e. Solitaire, Sudoku…)
  6. Get a schedule and start Twitch streaming regularly by Feb
  7. Finish all Monthly zed to zed gamertag challenges.
  8. Exceed my personal goal of funds raised for Extra Life.


@Kez001, @Kooshmoose, @SaucySlingo, @Rippen1, @CSGeekSquad, @SkepticalMario, @Buckmarley155, @MinPin

We are just over halfway through the year. So I had wondered:
Where do you stand with the goals? Any achieved? Any changed? Any not going to make? Any new ones?

I am joining the guys for this week’s episode and will share anything you guys would like to share.

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