2017 Gaming Goals


@keith271179, @Mclovin, @Buffs, @PhillipWendell, & @Tropan… you guys as well. It doesn’t let you call out more than 10 people at a time.

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Well, I said I’d be happy with 3 of 5. The last two aren’t happening. But, I’m on track for the GS goal, a bit behind but should still finish the completion% goal, and have gotten entries every month so far in the gamertag challenge. Posting them here definitely has helped keep me motivated for gaming. We just won’t talk about the IRL resolutions…


In January, I set the goals to do the following by the end of 2017:

  1. Break into the top 100 leaderboard for platformers by Gamerscore. I’m 52.6% there, with 50.3% of time expired.
  2. Beat the Gamerscore of DanielJJ14. I’m 44.6% there with 51.1% of time expired.
  3. Reach 100 completed games. I’m at 61, with 51.1% of time expired.

1 and 3 will almost definitely happen. 2 will be tough. Depends on if/when Is This Team UHH? gets eliminated from the GTASC. I’ve been slowly gaining though, and haven’t lost much ground, so it’s a tossup.


Bean diving screwed up all my completion-related goals. The rest are going along pretty well.


Progress update:

  1. I’m on track to probably finish around October (currently 270,834/300,000)
  2. This one was poorly worded; it should have read make it TO at least June in the team comp which I did along with @whtthfgg, @Tropan, @Fresh336669 and @MrCosty. As it turned out, we really couldn’t quit our day jobs and went out in period 24 (last Sunday in June)
  3. Failed this one, I went out in Period 23 because I woke up late that Sunday and couldn’t recover in time
  4. Starting to focus more on completions now that GTASC is over. I’ve completed 16 games so far this year and matched up 10 categories out of the 30 Fream came up with.


My goal was to hit 400k, I’m currently at 349,893. So I better put sone work into the rest of the year


Going well on getting to 200k Gamerscore. Feeling good about completing freams completion challenge by the end of the year, despite having a lot of work still to do! Just about hanging into top ten on RTDL, but that may change with plans this month and next! Have already failed in completing gamer tag every month, due to saving games for bean dive!
Onto new goals that have come along this year! My biggest goal that I decided on early in the year was to do my biggest bean dive ever, previous best was 60 games. Started out wanting to get to 100 then double my best with 120 but I pretty much had that amount of games already. With sales and another goal I will come to next, the dive spiralled out of control. I have 270 planned to dive and have currently dived 147 of them! Another goal involves my favourite genre, racing. I decided to try to get into top 1000 in world and top 250 UK on the racing leaderboards starting the year around 2000 in the world. I have been collecting old 360 racing games all year and getting newer ones and have well over 60 in the dive! Mine final new goal is to have my highest scoring month ever in August by completing all the quick easy games I am diving! Good for freams completion challenge but not so good for RTDL! Also the dive is proving to affect my RTDL progress! My final new goal for this year and beyond is to continue boosting with the awesome zed to zed UK and Bahrain guys! That has been the best thing to come from this podcast for me, meeting and boosting with them has changed my gaming in a really positive way. So a shout out to @Mclovin @Buckmarley155 @Tatey @angelsk and last but not least @Nervebullet!


Be in at least one if not two Z2Z active boosting groups per month.

This is the one I’m doing the best at as I’m currently in 2-3 boosting groups a week.

Complete Destiny for 360 so that I can get the related stack on the XB1.

Whoops. Completely forgot about this one. Minimal progress.

Renew my goal of completing the early LEGO Star Wars games.

Forgot about this one as well. It should help with my bean dive recovery though.

Shoot for 10 360/XBLA completions (cleaning out the backlog)

I’ve completed a paltry 2 360 games.

So in summary, I’ve got some work to do.


I was aiming for 50 completions, completely smashed it…currently at 54 as of July. Thanks Gtasc!
Also smashed my 100 day streak goal, currently at 226 days, also in great part to Gtasc.

500,000TA, currently at 458k, pretty well on track.
275,000GS, currently at 262k, also well on track.


I’m trying to get a group together to do this, message me if you want to hook something up.


I think we looked at schedules before when we were thinking about Marathon: Durandal. Family and work make my prime gaming time between 11 PM ET and 1 AM ET which I think is 1 PM - 3 PM your time. My open nights are Tues, Weds, Fri, Sat. If any of those days/times work with any group you have going, let me know.


Given I’m not on the podcast anymore, this does actually free up my weekends. SO I could potentially link up with you for your Friday and Saturdays. My other potential people are probably going to be a bit earlier in the evening your time, but we’ll see. Just having one other person at a minimum will help a lot for the weeklies or even just running the strike playlists to grind XP. It’s no fun trying to do the strikes by yourself, which is what seems to happen most of the time with the population being as low as it is.


I’m up for Destiny 360, but my gaming schedule just doesn’t fly with most people. I game on weekdays 6 AM to 7 AM Central Time. I know that’s smack in the middle of the day in Australia, and weekends are just not an option for me.


? 6am Central US is 9pm Australian Eastern…


Hey guys- I am new here but this is about my second year of chievo hunting. I hit 100k Labor Day 2016 and I thought it would be ambitious to try and get 100k during a one years span. Using my advanced metrics (read: the calculator app) I deduced that I must get at least 300 pts a day (3 days per completion to stay ahead) to achieve it.
Somewhere along the way I decided to not have a life and have gone bananas with the chievo hunting and hit overdrive (thank you ACA Neogeo games). I had the 100k by Memorial Day, and thought a new goal of 150k in a year’s time would be a good revision. After 3 straight months at 20k per I am almost to my goal with over a month to spare.

I guess my revised revised yearly goal is to find a better way to make goals and to just chievo hunt until either my fingers fall off or until I can no longer blink.

Thanks for listening!



That’s pretty cool - nice work.


Happy New Year! I’m wondering how everyone did on these. I hit 2 of my goals - 100K gamerscore and an entry in every month’s gamertag challenge. The completion percentage didn’t happen … I wanted 66.6%, but only got to 63.3. To be fair, I started some games for the 12 days of Christmas challenge. How’d everybody else do?