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I think some sub-categories (or more) might help. Would be nice to have gaming split into:

  • News
  • Deals (GwG, DwG, One-Offs)
  • Xbox One Chatter
  • Xbox 360 Chatter


You might be right, although I’m wary of including too many categories as they’ll get cluttered. Would you really search for specific categories like the above?


More towards making them easier to navigate. I agree that too many would be bad… But just a few might be good.


I’m happy to entertain the idea. @TheNyghty might have some thoughts, he set up the original categories.


To keep it clean we could just break it down to news / gaming related I don’t think splitting up 360/one would be worth it though and it is still pretty early to break it down sub categories for now.I think we do plan to do it once it get’s a bit bigger but for now I think it’s better to keep it simple.
We’ll get there.