ACTIVE - Community Challenge: August 2018 - Metroidvania


So, it might be a bit self serving, but I am super excited for Dead Cells to come out and so this month we will celebrate the Metroidvania sub-genre of gaming.

The most straightforward way to find a Metroidvania game would be to check out the Genre tab over at True Achievements and select “Metroidvania” in the genre filter.

You may have other suggestions, I’d be happy to hear your case.


How to Enter:

  1. 1 entry for each unlock of any achievement in a game in the Metroidvania sub-genre.
  2. 5 entries for any previously completed game in the Metroidvania sub-genre
  3. 10 entries for getting a completion in the Metroidvania sub-genre this month.


Yay! I’m very excited for Dead Cells!

Previously Completed
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
Song of the Deep
Yoku’s Island Express


ReCore - 3 Unlocks