Any other podcasts?


Anybody have any recommendations for other podcasts? Not necessarily gaming. I am in my car 3 hours a day and in a cubicle 8 hours a day. Can never have too many. Other than zed to zed and true achievements I don’t listen to any other gaming podcasts.

I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts. If you are into that give sword and scale a try.


My Podcast Rotation (alphabetically):

Fireteam Chat (IGN’s Destiny Podcast)
Game Informer Show
IGN Unfiltered (Ryan McCaffrey monthly interview show)
KFAN Video Games Weekly (Only remaining radio show about video games that happens to be out of MN)
LORE (Biweekly show about folklore - a little creepy and scary, but always interesting)
Major Nelson Radio
The Patch (Rooster Teeth’s Video Game Podcast)
PlanetDestiny Podcast (another Destiny podcast - this one goes real deep into the game - mostly PVP)
Podcast Unlocked (IGN’s Xbox Podcast)
This Xbox Life (Precursor to the Achievement Hounds)
TrueAchievements Podcast
TXR Podcast
Xbox One Party Chat (Xbox Subreddit’s Podcast)
XONE Bros. (General gaming and news on the Xbox ONE)
Zed To Zed Podcast (gotta listen to make sure I don’t sound like an idiot)

My podcasts in favorite order:
Zed To Zed Podcast
Game Informer Show
IGN Unfiltered
Podcast Unlocked
The Patch
KFAN Video Games Weekly
XONE Bros.
Fireteam Chat
(everything else)


That’s a gaming heavy list! Thanks! I will check out some of these for sure.

Lore is also in my list, one of my favorites.
Reply all is also great, random Internet stories.
True crime garage
What say You (2 of the guys from impractical jokers)

A few of my regulars.


For gaming I listen to
Zed to Zed obviously
VideoGamer UK
Done! Unlocking
Podcast Unlocked
IGN UK Podcast
and Should I play this Game?

I also listen to a bunch of wrestling and F1 podcasts. I won’t list these unless you’re interested


I am not but somebody else might be! I do listen to stone colds podcast once in a while. I like when he wrestled a horse fly.


Zed To Zed
XOne Bros
The Instance - But seriously if I start listening to this again, I’ll re-up my World of Warcraft sub and then I’ll be back to no GS in no time.

We Have Concerns
My Brother, My Brother And Me
Ask Me Another - Never have time to listen to this, but I liked it when I did.

UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra


I used to love the instance! That game took 2-3 years of gamerscore from me! Glad those guys are still doing that podcast!


Gaming related:
Achievement Hound
Zed to Zed
Game Blitz Podcast

I will have to check out some of these suggestions


My Podcasts that I Listen too,
Gaming Related -

Major Nelson Radio
Podcast Unlocked (IGN Xbox Podcast)
Podcast Beyond (IGN PlayStation Podcast)
Game Scoop
Achievement Hounds
Zed to Zed
IGN AU Pubcast
Planet Destiny


My Favourite would be either Major Nelson or Podcast Unlocked.


Everyone should check out **Vidjagame Apocalypse **
( the ones who ran games radar podcast)

  1. Podcast Unlocked
  2. Vidjagame Apocalypse
  3. Zed to Zed
  4. XoneBros
  5. Trueachievement
  6. Done! Unlocking
  7. OneCast
  8. Major Nelson


Zed to Zed
Achievement Hound
Major Nelson
TrueAchievement Podcast
Sleepy Cabin
Comedy Bang Bang
The Joe Rogan Experience
Rooster Teeth


The only ones I listen to regularly are the TA podcast and an Elite Dangerous specific one called Lave Radio. I check in on The Feed (Libsyn’s official podcast about podcasts), and sometimes Done Unlocking or TXR if I’m in the mood.


Other then zedtozed i love the Lore Podcast by Aaron Manhke great reference from @Freamwhole


I haven’t checked it out yet, but this was recommended by a work colleague and the topic would definitely be relevant to many of us!

Edit: turns out there’s a US version


Major Nelson
Fantasy Focus Football
Big O and Dukes
Chad Dukes Wrestling Show

Use to listen to a lot more when I worked nights for about 10 years but not nearly as much now. Took me like a week to get through the E3 show, lol. Can sometimes mow through them when playing grindy games but even then I’d usually prefer to just have netflix or hbogo running.


Zed to zed
Ach Hounds
Joe Rogan
Kevin smith
Several walking dead
Cheap ass gamer


Zed to Zed
Major Nelson
Done Unlocking
Video Game Outsiders
Gamertag Radio


Zed to Zed
KFAN Video Games Weekly
Cheap Ass Gamer
XOne Bros


Freakonomics - mix of economics and other social sciences
How Did This Get Made - analyzes really bad movies
CAG Cast (cheapass gamer) - similar to zed to zed
No Laying Up - golf


Girl Tribe Gaming is really good as well. Very XBox-centric.