Battleborn Interest Post



So Battleborn was dirt cheap and it sounds like a lot of people picked it up over the holidays. Let’s get a head count of those who would be interested in working on this game and what times work best for you.

Myself - of course I’m spread super thin, but I could consider Sunday night or Wednesday night. 10 pm of course.

I’m not saying I need to be involved, but I’d like to see what the community is interested in. Plus - if we get Destiny up and going for people, I may be able to switch out my Tuesday night once everyone is killing it in Raids.


I would definitely be interested. My best nights would be Thursday, or late Sunday (like 11p or midnight EST)


Definitely been interested in playing this one with group. I had the game since launch.
Pretty much any weeknight after 7 pm eastern until 1 am, though the later it is the more likely I will just fall sleep.