Big Rig's Racing achievements


I think Big Rig’s Racing needs to have a single achievement that requires all of the worst achievement mechanics possible. For example, it should require:

  • Beating a ridiculous time without taking any damage
  • Being online with 16 other players at the same time
  • Logging in daily for 30 days straight
  • Has to be done while being number one on a leaderboard
  • Some luck-based event
  • Collecting an insane number of hidden collectibles that don’t show up on a map, one of which only shows up at the end of a second play-through


  • Can only be done on February 29th

Also, it’s worth 3 points.


I like these ideas. We have been discussing a collectible achievement very similar to the one you described here. The tentative description is “collect 10 miles.” The rest will have to remain a surprise.


Kolect 10 milez