Boosting Sessions?


If we set up boosting sessions through these forums - would you be interested? Would you participate?

I know there were a few coordinators over at the Achievement Hounds and some decent participation when there was actual traffic, but I’m not sure if the desire is here?

Sound off below on whether or not you’d be interested and if you are, what times work best.

Personally, I’d be interested in setting up one or two regular weekly sessions - although my availability is pretty limited (10 pm - midnight on the weekdays) - and Friday is off the table for podcast recording.


Personally, I find the tools over at TA for boosting to be great. What might be helpful is if a thread gets started here to generate interest with a smaller set of people we know are dedicated to getting things done. These threads could then be used to discuss a rough schedule /strategy and then use the TA tools to set up a friends-only or manually approved session since it’s got reminders and timezone stuff all built in.

Just my 2 cents.


Totally agree - we’d use TA to set up the sessions and everything - open it up to the general community over there.

The main concept is that someone acts as a common host and coordinator to ensure everyone gets the achievements they are going for and learns the best methods to getting them - to educate the group.


Very interested in seeing this over here. I was in quite a few on AHP and they always went well. I’d like to see some of the new freebies incorporated since a wide userbase has them (Happy Dungeons, Hawken, etc.)


I would be interested, but like you said time zones and schedule are my issues.


Always interested in gaming with new people and I have a pretty flexible schedule. Just way too lazy and unmotivated to set anything up myself.


Always interested just limited in schedule. I mainly play in the mornings on the One and late nights on the 360. That will probably change when college starts up at the end of the month, but if there’s something available, I’ll join if I can.


I’d love to do boosting sessions with some of the people here. I recognize all of their names, so now is the chance to chat with some of them!


Looks like you found a computer to use.


It’s called the Thursday special. Anyway, lets actually do some of the things we talk about, and not just talk about them!


I’ll be happy to jump into some community sessions, but well … timezones. Perhaps a Saturday evening (Sunday afternoon for me) regular community session might be a go? Although that screws up people in Europe. Hmm.


People in Europe are already screwed up - ZING!