Bound in blood session


I have put up a session for bound in blood to complete the achievements before server closure. If this is but a good time I can move it to Wednesday or maybe Thursday.

Sunday 10 central.


I’m thinking about picking up the Juarez series. Do you think it’s still possible to knock out the online stuff in Bound in Blood and the Cartel before the closure if starting from scratch?


Cartel should take less than two hours to complete the mp stuff but you will need three people. I have a session for it tonight that you can join. You need to have played the single player level to be able to play the corresponding level in coop.

Bound in Blood with be the harder of the two. It will require private two sessions at least to do it. One session for the mp sordid achievements and one for boosting the money. It is still doable but the long you wait on that one the harder it will be. I say this is six to eight hours to do.

I know serves close on Saturday I think so there is not much time left.


I was looking for your Cartel session on TA, but I don’t see it.



Ok, I signed up. Don’t want to jump the line if other people are already approved. From the descriptions of the solutions, it seems like I’d need to play the campaign through level 8?


No worries you and the pretty guy can do stuff only requiring two and I can pop over and help with the 3 player stuff when done with the first two.


Woof! I’m sure I suck, but it seems like the aiming in The Cartel is horrible. That first level took me around 45 minutes and killing the chopper was painful.


Play on easy if your not. You have to play through 3 times so just do an easy play through to start out off. The first level was a giant pain and the longest by far. You don’t need to get to level 8 but it is helpful. The basic thing is we need a level that allows for a 3 person entry so each person can get a kill. Most levels can be done in 20 minutes or less.