Burnout Paradise


I’ve got a small community of friends that have been playing / boosting this game on Monday & Friday nights at 8:45pm Eastern. We’ve just been working on the challenges but at some point we’ll need some more people to work on the 8 player challenges and achievements if anyone is interested.


I’m down! Do I need DLC?


I might be able to join Mondays and (possibly Friday sometimes) :slight_smile:


I could probably do these Mondays and some Fridays.


How late do the sessions go? I could probably do a Friday session, but my play time doesn’t start until 11 PM ET.


Nope, we’re haven’t discussed doing the DLC. Right now we get between 4-6 people on Mondays and Fridays. We have 7 that would play but sometimes getting them all together is rough. Last night we finished up the 4 player challenges and did the 3 player the night before. I think we’re basically more interested in attempting the 6 - 8 player challenges.

I’ll add you on XBL and will let you know if anything comes up prior but our sessions regularly go on! It would be awesome if we could get 8 people.


The more, the merrier! As I’ve mentioned in past responses, we normally have anywhere from 4-6 people so hopefully we’ll have enough open spots for all but I believe it maxes out at 8. (at least for the achievements it does)

I’ll add you on XBL and message you when I find out how many people we actually have.


Works for me, I’ll add you on XBL and send you a message prior to playing on Friday night.


I may be available some weeks to help with 7-8 player challenges, and will post in this thread when that’s the case.


The sessions tend to start breaking up around 11 but feel free to send me a message because a lot of the time I stay on later and drag some people down with me. :slight_smile:


Awesome, there have been nights when one more person would’ve been helpful! It might be better to message me on XBL because rarely do I check websites on Friday nights.