Can you change the Discourse logo?


Maybe change it to Zed to Zed, and add some zombies, unicorns, and kitties and rainbows for good measures. Throw in some xbox controllers and 100 duck sized master chiefs, etc. Just change it from “Discourse” if you can. If you can’t, that’s cool, too.


Working on it! It’s been in my GFs task list for a while but she’s been pretty busy and/or ill, so…


You can throw in a can of crystal pepsi in the logo


Let me know if you need help mate. Web dev and design is my thing…


I’ll see where Chloe is at. What I wouldn’t mind someone looking at is my hack job over at and making it better…


I’ll have a look. If you can access any of the html (such as the header) of this forum, you can override the css for the class - .logo-big. There is probably also another class for mobile versions…
eg this will change the logo:

.logo-big { content:url ("http://pathtologo.png"); }


yep, there is a .logo-small class as well.


We have control of all of that through the admin interface here:

The issue is not so much changing the logo, it’s what to change it TO.

Chloe has been working on a variant of the logo she created for us for some business cards:

The colours are reversed to match the style here (i.e. black on white) and it’s trimmed down, but she’s not happy with it yet. She’s also been super busy with work, and on top of that has been battling this awful cold for the last couple of weeks, poor thing.

I can supply the source files for the above if you wanted to have a poke around.


ahh, sorry, should have asked that first. Sure I can help if you need. Looks like you have it sorted though, but happy to help if you need anything. Chloe is doing an awesome job, sorry if I stepped on any toes. Hope she is recovering.


You’re not stepping on anyone’s toes. :slight_smile: Chloe has been taking her time with it, so if I can get it done with some help from the members here I’m all for it.


That’s an awesome logo.