Contest Winners

Zed to Zed contest winners:

All prizes are 10$USD Microsoft currency codes.

August Gamertag Challenge: @Cer3bra1asassin
September Gamertag Challenge: @spankyNspronkle
September Wolfenstein Challenge: @NBAKirkland
September RTDL: @Kunzite508
October Gamertag Challenge: @mseweryn
October Dead Rising Challenge: @Kez001
October RTDL: @wellingtonbalbo
November Gamertag Challenge: @Mightymango
November Bioshock Challenge: @Tropan
November RTDL: @whtthfgg
December Gamertag Challenge: @RedHotSand
December Gears Of War Challenge: @Kez001
December RTDL: @keith271179
January Gamertag Challenge: @CSGeekSquad
January Disney Infinity Challenge: @acaraba2
January RTDL: @EnigmaGamer77
January mOCAS - “Welcome To The Future”: @mattism
February Gamertag Challenge: @MitRialb
February “Love & Heart” Challenge: @WeaselPizza
February RTDL: @SprinkleDemon
February mOCAS - “From Poland With Love”: @creptor5291
March Gamertag Challenge: @Kez001
March “March Effect” Challenge: @GiantHunger
March RTDL: @Buffalo_Of_Lies
April RTDL: @Reset42
April Gamertag Challenge: @mseweryn
April Gamer-score-a-gories: @mattism (overall winner) / @grug (random draw winner)
May Gamertag Challenge: @Kingsman_2625
May “Telltale” Challenge: @LordChabelo13
May RTDL: @Proulx
June Gamertag Challenge: @spankyNspronkle
June A to Z Challenge: @CrunchFlake
June RTDL: @christamDS
March mOCAS - “This Is Madness”: @Xtowers
April mOCAS - “Chain Reaction”: @Tropan
May mOCAS - “The Forces Of May”: @Officer_Zero
June mOCAS - @RADtech2448
July mOCAS - @SaucySlingo
July Gamertag Challenge: @Matty.H
July Anti-Bean Dive Challenge: @salsbar
July RTDL Winner: @RADtech2448
August Gamertag Challenge: @PhillipWendell
August RTDL WInner: @markybhoy89
4th Annual RTDL Year Long Contest: 1st: @ChinDocta, 2nd: @NBAKirkland, 3rd @BigEll
August Zombie Month Challenge: @SaucySlingo
August mOCAS: @CrunchFlake
September Gamertag Challenge: @thetominator177
September RTDL WInner: @Shabobble
September Sports Month Challenge: @MitRialb
October Gamertag Challenge: @thetominator177
October RTDL WInner: @NBAKirkland
October First Person Shooter Month Challenge: @Matty.H
November Gamertag Challenge: @Red_Hot_Sand
November RTDL WInner: @PirateSpirit
November First Person Shooter Month Challenge: @Crunch Flake
December Gamertag Challenge: @Runelord
December RTDL Winner: @NBAKirkland
December “Right Jolly Old Elf” Challenge: @SaucySlingo
January Gamertag Challenge: @WildwoodMike
January Community Challenge - The Start Of Something New: @ToadStyleVenom
January RTDL: @Tropan
February Gamertag Challenge: @Runelord
February Community Challenge - Shortest Month Of The Year: @Kingsman_2625
February RTDL: @EnigmaGamer77
March Gamertag Challenge: @Reset42
March Community Challenge - Spin Offs : @Xtowers
March RTDL: @ProfessorPluto
April Gamertag Challenge: @Reset42
April Community Challenge - Happy Birthday Tom Clancy: @WildwoodMike
April RTDL: @wembleytor

May Gamertag Challenge: @thetominator177
May Community Challenge: @Kingsman_2625
May RTDL: @Homer
June Gamertag Challenge: @beezelbug
June Community Challenge: @ninjeestarr
June RTDL: @Xtowers
July Gamertag Challenge: @Wakapeil
July Community Challenge: @Mark_B
July RTDL: @ToadStyleVenom
August Gamertag Challenge: @ninjeestarr
August Community Challenge: @Kooshmoose
August RTDL: @Fresh336669
September Gamertag Challenge: @Runelord
September Community Challenge: @NBAKirkland
September RTDL: @EnigmaGamer77

If you would like to donate prizes please contact me or any hosts of the show.

Thanks to everyone for participating and good luck on future events.
Big special thanks to @Freamwhole and @mseweryn for for supplying all the prizes through Sep 2017 and the mOCAS respectively.

And a huge thank you to all of our Patrons that donate each month to allow these contests to continue.
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