Couldn't Load Topic Error


Are any of you seeing this regularly? Quite often I receive this message and am unable to open any forum topic.

“Sorry, we couldn’t load that topic, possibly due to a connection problem. Please try again. If the problem persists, let us know.”


I have not - I’m curious if Nyghty or Urban have.


No, haven’t seen it myself. What browser are you using, and on what OS?


Nope 1st I’ve heard, does it do that on multiple devices ?
Try loading it up on another browser, if nothing works let us know.


Google Chrome on my PC and Safari on my iPhone. Seen it on both.


Next time it happens note the exact time (and I’ll need your timezone) and I’ll cross reference it in the logs and see if there’s any clues there.


Just happened 12:00 my time. EST


I can see where you posted that exact message in the logs, but I don’t see anything before that that jumps out as an obvious problem. It only seems to be impacting you too, which is weird.

How often does it happen?

As a test, could you make a new account and see if it happens there too? (Let me know what the account is so I can clean it up later).


Happens way more often than it should IMO… Happened to me three times in a row on three different threads (checking new posts through the notification) right before posting this. Ironically, this thread was one of the three. Clicking the refresh button generally fixes the problem.


Where do you use the site? Other mentions of this error points to potential flakey internet connections. I presume you use your mobile on the same network as your desktop when viewing the site. Do you have another network you can try from, or disable wireless on your mobile temporarily and see if it keeps happening?


Using a network at work that is different from the 4G on my phone and wifi at home. Seen it in all areas… More so at work


I impersonated you earlier and didn’t manage to trip the error, however I may not have been trying long enough.

How comfortable are you with Chrome’s developer tools? In particular I’d like to know what the Network tab shows when the error occurs (e.g. what it’s trying to load, what it fails on, etc) and if there are any errors in the Javascript console.


@spankyNspronkle did this problem ever go away or is it still happening?


Haven’t seen it since I made the thread. Very strange… But glad it’s gone!