Destiny Raid (Any)


Needing some people to help me run the raid in destiny. Doesnt matter which one. I havent done it at all and was hoping for some experienced players to run me through it.


I enjoy me some Destiny. If you can pick an evening to run it that I’m available - I can sherpa.

Character and light level?

I assume you’d like to start on normal?

King’s Fall? Vault Of Glass? Crota’s End?


Ooh, I need to run one as well but I’m sure I’m super low. Level 25 Warlock with 115 light. Is that horrible or too under-leveled for this venture?


King’s Fall Raid (the one with achievements) - Yes, you need to be around 290 Light for normal and 305 for hard.
Crota’s End - level 34 is recommended, but you could hold your own around 30-32.
Vault Of Glass - level 26, I think.

Everything scales once you are above that, so as a level 40, I’m brought down to 2 levels above the enemies (I do 50% extra damage and take 50% less damage) - under leveled is the opposite (you dish half damage and take double damage) and if you are greater than two levels below (i.e. Level 30 trying to shoot a Level 33 - they are IMMUNE)

Still makes the old raids challenging, as you are not unkillable, but you get more room for error. (Except when the game mechanic triggers an auto-fail)

Light level doesn’t matter until you get to Level 40 - because then you can buy vendor gear which will bring you up to around LIGHT 280.

Finally - you will get new items around or slightly above your current light level - so always maximize light before decoding engrams - open 1 item, if its better - equip it, the decode the next. This works so well for the 200 to 280 climb and will work the same for the climb from 335 (current light cap) to 380 (Rise Of Iron levels - 400 will be the cap).


I am trying to get Heroic King’s Fall before the 16th *the console split). Currently at 311 Light on my Titan (highest)

#6 has been awesome for setting up groups for me.


Thanks! What group are you in?


Thanks so much Fream! Heroic King’s Fall down after only one night with people of the


Glad it helped - the people I met from there - I still game with. I’ve had about 90% positive experiences with it.


So, if I were to pick this game up on the One, and somehow found the time to complete it. Will I be able to load the 360 version and get all the achievements, after support for 360 ends?


I’m pretty sure the answer is “No”. (as of tomorrow, Aug 16th)

I do believe (although not sure) if you complete it on the 360 - you get a one time sync with the ONE version and that will achieve the same goal. But it no longer works backwards.

Again, this is all speculation.


Bungie’s website has no info on this. Is there support always lacking for Desitny?


Not that it is lacking, per se, just unclear. They are actually pretty good with support - its the communication that sucks.

Initially it wasn’t specified that the two accounts were linked. They made it sound like it was always forward compatable.

Moving forward, the 360 version will function and live on for a period of time until no one is online and they shut down the servers. That version is no longer getting updates, but if there are issues - I’m sure they’ll fix it.


As of now, you can not cross pop from xbox one to xbox 360. If were to start the game on the 360 and do all achievements there. you get one character sync to xbox one. I’m currently mopping up my last subclass on my 360 for the hunter and its all done. I’m happy to jump in and help anyone if I’m free just sling me a message on live. GT: madeyepadeye


Thanks for the update.