Earthlock: Festival of Magic bugs


Another GwG with bugs? Who would have guessed? There are a few big ones potentially game breaking or preventing certain achievements atm.

First the “good” one. If you don’t care much about breaking the game you can alter your stats permanently using a bug related to switching talents. For instance, at level 4, my main character already had over 1000 attack, defense, magic, speed and can basically one shot anyone. You can do this across all 6 characters. The bug is mentioned several places but if you’re interested in knowing how to go about it here is one thread that details it:

For the bad ones. There is a bug that can prevent you from getting golds in the tournaments by counting each battle as multiple. I’ve encountered this one and had to reload a previous save to get it to finally work only to have it happen again at the 2nd tournament. This can prevent 2 achievements for getting golds and getting needed items for all the talents. You can replay the tournaments so assuming this gets patched you should be able to come back to them without issue hopefully.

There are a couple game breaking bugs after the tournaments. One occurs directly after the 2nd tournament with a boss encounter you’re suppose to lose to progress the story. Of course I breezed through it with my op characters and it basically froze the game, lol. Also, you need to talk to a certain character after losing said battle before restarting the tournament or you can’t progress at all.

Would definitely recommend rotating between all 3 save slots so you always have a backup within 10-20 minutes if you do need to revert to one of them.

Overall it’s a fairly linear decent rpg. See some people completing it in the 30-35 hour range which is pretty solid, especially for “dat ratio”. If you have any interest in playing it and don’t mind breaking the game I’d get on the stat change bug soon as they are aware of all the bugs and are working on patching them according to their forum:

Might be best to get at least a few guys overpowered and then wait for the other things to be patched.


Haven’t started Earthlock yet but I’m am curious at how far you have to play into the game to pull of the glitch?


Not very far for just the first couple characters. Had to get my main guy up to level 4 to have enough talent points to make it work for him but could buff my 2nd character almost right away. Within an hour for them. There are 6 characters total and you won’t find the last one till probably a good 6-8 hours in. But you only fight with 4 and could do more than enough damage with just a couple op characters to get by. The most useful character I found was the dog/wolf, about 3-4 hours in. He has a ranged attack that hits all enemies making nearly every regular fight last only one turn. Especially useful as you can sometimes fight 8 enemies at once and there are a handful of flying enemies you need ranged attacks to hit at all.