ENDED - Community Challenge June 2017 - A To Z Challenge


[Round 1] (https://www.trueachievements.com/eventgamerdetails.aspx?eventid=62&gamerid=36264)



Got through once!


here’s my first go thru


First cycle completed!
Kingsman 2625’s ABC Challenge List

Now where did I put that second X achievement?


My TA Alphabet challenge A-Z completion
R56CooperS11 A to Z Alphabet Challenge


rawkerdude5012 - Round 1

Round 2:

A - A Lord’s Dispute
B - Basic Training
C - Catch
D - Deforestation
E - Exterminator
F - First Victory
G - Game Master
H - Hot Potato
I - It’s GOOD
J - Jounin
K - Kitted Out
L - Look! I Know How To Drive
M - Mahjong Pro
N - Now THAT’s Impressive
O - One Giant Leap for (Bat) Man Kind
P - Puzzle Master
Q - Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
R - Rock And Roll
S - Speed Player
T - Turtle Tamer
U - Up And Coming
V - Vroom! Vroom!
W - Wake Up
X - Xenophobia
Y - You Deserve A Medal
Z - Zen And The Art Of Reloading


TA Alphabet Challenge Completed


One time through:


First loop:


Armed and Dangerous




Just once, with feeling.

My alphabet challenge was almost a complete Bean Dive in it’s own right, ~20/26 games were new.


My Completed List


Round one: CSGeekSquad’s Alphabet Challenge
Round Two:
A Life of Crime - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Barrier Mastery - Mass Effect
Christopher Columbus - 7 Days to Die
Dedicated to our friends - MotoGP '08
Extra Crispy - Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell
Full Potential - Defense Grid 2
Gas attendant - Rabbids Big Bang (WP)
Haplorrhini - Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Intelligence Debriefing - Battle Islands: Commanders
Jigsaw Jammer - Microsoft Jigsaw (Win 8)
Knock em Dead - 7 Days to Die
Ladies’ Man - The Escapists
Man On The Run - The Escapists


Here’s my first run through: Jblacq’s TA Alphabet Tracker

Let’s see how many extras I get just from random unlocks between now and the end of the month.


Lap 1: A-Z
Lap 2:
Alas, Poor Isaac!
Big Cheater
Crushed Ice
Dragon Slayer
Fabled Gardener
Golden Kills & Sparkling Catches
Here’s mud in your eye!
Iron Man
Journey Begins


Yay, done!



"July: Anti-Bean Dive Challenge"
What do you think that means? Don’t start any games?


.[quote=“NBAKirkland, post:37, topic:596”]
"July: Anti-Bean Dive Challenge"
What do you think that means? Don’t start any games?

I’m thinking something like, complete games you’ve already started. But I’d guess if that is the case, previous completions wouldn’t count


Or maybe even complete games you only have 1 achieve in? That might be interesting for those of us who never got back to old bean dive games.


Completed the challenge last night: doughboyee’s Alphabet Challenge

Thanks again for another fun contest.