ENDED - Community Challenge June 2017 - A To Z Challenge


Completed one lap keith271179 alphabet challenge


Here is the complete alphabet from me: Salsbar’s Completed Alphabet challenge


Finished the first set, I may get started on a second, but I won’t get many.

creptor5291 Alphabet Challenge List

Set 2:
A - Armed - Broken Age


Fream’s TA Alphabet Challenge

Round 2:
All Purpose Robot - Neurovoider
Bookworm - The Bunker
Commissioner - The Bunker
Descent - The Bunker
Evaded - Giana Sisters: Dream Runners


W1cked Girl Alphabet challenge


Buckmarley155’s Alphabet Challenge




Main List: https://www.trueachievements.com/eventgamerdetails.aspx?eventid=62&gamerid=264159


A - Fire: Ungh’s Quest - AKRE


I got seriously into this - great idea for an extension (But damn you q’s and x’s!)

Lap 1

Lap 2
A Challenger Appears
Bounce Kills
Chaos in the Mooil Rig
Defender of the Realm
Gate Your Thirst!
High Altitude Thirst!
I Don’t Think They Exist
Just Sayin…I Ain’t Dead
Look out! Uh… Never Mind
Mixology 101
Not So Secret Ingredient
Orange Soda
Quick Finger
Refinery Speed Run
Shadow Combat Master
Treasure Hunter
Ultimate Collection
Vat Pack Rat
Worst Job in the Kingdom
Your Team is Your Weapon
Zombie Destruction

Lap 3 (almost)
Atlantian Tomb Raider
Beginning Tomb Raider
Crude Oil
Equal Opportunity
Fuel Efficient
Got to catch them all
Happy Hour
It’s Art, Ok?
Jungle Warfare
King of the Crows
Last Straw
Nooks and Crannies
Orange Soda II
Peruvian Tomb Raider
Quick Trip Parker
Roleplay While Roleplaying
Shoe Closet
Trap Kills
Undead Man’s Party Bus
Wire Tapping


Completed one lap! Lack of X’s made it hard to go for a second, haha


A to Z

plus 3 more
All My Own Work
Being Social
Campaign Complete