ENDED - Community Challenge: November 2017 - X Gonna Give It To Ya!

November we are introduced to the newest member of the Xbox family - The Monster, The Scorpio, TerraFlopus Rex - pretty sure those are all the nicknames. Anyway, the X is here and we are going to celebrate. DMX style.

So here we go:


This challenge is earning achievements in games that contain the letter “X” in the title.

Entry Methods:

  1. You can earn 1 raffle draw for every achievement in a qualified game.

Games like - X-Men: The Official Game, Final Fantasy XV, Pixel Piracy, etc.

Good luck.

Upcoming months:
December: Right Jolly Old Elf
January: TBD
February: TBD

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stupid question; How do we submit ?

Make a link in a post here - easiest way would be your Period Summary

Like this: Fream’s Period Summary

Which looks like this: {Fream’s Period Summary}(https://www.trueachievements.com/gamer/Freamwhole/periods)
if you replace these { } with these [ ]

This is my month!

  1. 10 Second Ninja X - Just getting started

It’s A Me

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition:
Local Brewery

Comix Zone:
3rd Grade
Orange Bull
Points I
Unknown Territory

I have to ask a stupid question, just to be sure:

You guys normally go by the TA game titles.
Some games only have X in their title because TA tag them as X360 version.
Will those games participate ?

It’s A Me
Adler Letters, Pt. 1
Adler Letters, Pt. 2
Ghost Stories
Adler Letters, Pt. 3
New Beginnings
"This House is Clear"

The console designation does not count unless it is actually part of the game.

The Walking Dead: Season One (Xbox 360) - does NOT count
Minecraft: Xbox ONE Edition - does count.

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Zekling’s Period Summary
1 - Jackbox Party Pack 4
1 - Path of Exile
2 - Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings
1 - MX vs ATV: Reflex

Golden Marker

MX vs. ATV
Bragging Rights
Testing the Waters

[Rocky Road]

Tropan’s Period Summary - Soul Axiom - Rainbow Six

24 entries

3 in XCOM: Enemy Unknown
1 in A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV

CSGeekSquad’s Period Summary

Oxenfree - 6
No Time To Explain - 2
Hexic HD - 1

WildwoodMike’s Period Summary

XCOM: Enemy Within

3 entries

Trigger Inside’s Period Summary - November

Oxenfree - 2
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - 4

Stan’s Period Summary

OXENFREE - Renjamin Spanklin

W1cked Girl’s Period Summary

Matty Heals period summary
Total = 4 Chievo’s
1 - Metro 2033 Redux
1 - No Time To Explain
2 - Mad Max

Kingsman 2625 Period Summary

Total = 26 Achievements

MX vs. ATV: Untamed (16)
No Time to Explain (1)
The Orange Box (8)
Minecraft: Xbox One Edition (1)