ENDED - Community Challenge: September 2017 - Sports, Sports, Sports - Is your whole life just sports?



3 on 3 NHL Arcade
Brick Wall
Score Big

Hydro Thunder
Spare Change
Splish Splash

Shred It
Time Traveller Parker
Time Traveller Rufus
Time Traveller Jesssie
Time Traveller Pengz
Time Traveller Cosmo
Time Traveller Frappe
Time Traveller Erik
Time Traveller CHAMPION!


Madden NFL 18
Grindin’ Solos
This is My Ulitmate Team
Dynamite Fishing: World Games
Tactical Assassin
Great Power, No Responsibility
One Hit Wonder
OlliOlli2: XL Edition
Jet Set Radio
We Got Us A Crew
NHL 18


Turns out I played Shred It for 2 entries


FIFA 16:
We are the champions
Going up?
WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009:
Undertaker Story
NHL 09:
Passing Machine
Enforcer Extraordinaire
Forza Motorsport 5:
West Coast Gold
Apex Ace
WWE 2K16:
This Match Won’t End!
Gentleman in the Ring
Showcase Master
Kinect Sports:
Master Class
Three Is Company
Hardwood Hearts:
Lunar Sniper
Forza Horizon 3:
Welcome to Horizon Online
Perks of the Job
Madden NFL 15:
Feeling Strong
Seasoned Veteran
FIFA 15:
Keeper’s Best Friend
Driven in excess of 1000 miles
Forza Motorsport 3:
World Traveler
Driver Level 25
FIFA 14:
Best Friends Forever
Bros Gonna Bro
DiRT 3:
Road Trip


I got 9 total:
Powerstar Golf
Rival Rouser
Hedge Your Bets
The 19th Hole

Lab Rat

Kinect Sports: Season Two
Calling the Shot
Perfect Race
Peak Perfection

Prominence Poker
In the Land of the Blind


4 Achievements

Hydro Thunder Hurricane
3 Achievements

Rare Replay
14 Achievements
Not sure if these will count but the achievements were mostly in RC Pro-Am, RC Pro-Am 2 & Slalom


OlliOlli - Dizzy
Alto’s Adventure (W10) - Marvelous Maya
Alto’s Adventure (W10) - Scout
Alto’s Adventure (W10) - I Meant To Do That
Alto’s Adventure (W10) - Name of the Game
Alto’s Adventure (W10) - Your Snow Legs


39 in superstars v8: next challenge
28 in race pro
31 in superstars v8: racing
17 in wrc 5
19 in F1 2012
16 in wrc 3
21 in wrc
20 in F1 2014
16 in wrc 2
17 in forza 4
14 in wrc 4
7 in need for speed
3 in project cars
13 in grid autosport
5 in monster jam battlegrounds
2 in fifa 15
10 in hydro thunder go
4 in coffin dodgers
4 in riptide gp renegade
5 in F1 2016
4 in cro-mag rally
1 in sebastien loeb rally evo
1 in fifa 16
total entries 297