ENDED - Freamwhole's Completion Challenge 2017


You’re really going to argue the semantics of the name? It actually explicitly states in the OP that we are all competing for prizes too (it’s not just for personal goals).


Hi - I think I’ll use this as an excuse to finish some of my backlog. I was hoping for clarification on a couple items…for M-I-C-K-E-Y, is it animated Disney characters only, or would something like Pirates of the Caribbean count? Also, would Arkham Knight count as the 3rd in a series? I’ve seen it called both 3rd and 4th. Thanks so much!


Arkham Knight would work. As long as you can make a reasonable argument the third installment - and that game does. Arkham Origins would count too - in my book.

Any Disney property - Star Wars, Marvel, Classic Disney characters and yes, Pirates.


Sorry, I totally missed that. Well, when I’m wrong, I’m wrong. Thanks for the clarification! :slight_smile:


That being said - the level of competition (in my opinion) is not as cut throat as other comps. The prizes (as they stand) are relatively small.


I feel that is fair. In comparison, this is probably the easier competition hosted on the site, as you have a whole year to do it. I just wish I could start working on it now! Haha.


You can!

Just don’t complete them until 2017.

Preload to your hearts content. The games just have to be finished in 2017 - you could have already started them all for all I care.


I do agree with all these reasons to dislike DLC, but begrudgingly, I still feel you have to do it complete the game.


Yeah, I had some ready to go, but when I saw the list, that completely destroyed them. This list is definitely a bit more specific than 2016’s, not that I’m complaining, I like that this year is going to play differently.


I had Star Wars Battlefront done with all DLC until Dec 6th when they added a level 100 achievement. :neutral_face:
That may well be my Disney game for next year.

Here’s an oddball scenario, one of my 2016 completions gets more DLC, can I complete it again in 2017? For example, Watch_Dogs 2 when it get’s DLC.


I’ll slit a throat for $5 XBL…


Let me know if you want to do any co-op. Saw some lengthy ones that we both have, but hey… we got a whole year!


Sure, I added you on TA, I’ll check out your list in a bit and see what I’d want to knock out for 2017.


Here’s an oddball question for you. Concerning “Mickey”, would Lego Indiana Jones work? LucasArts was bought by Disney in 2012, but the game came out in the mid 2000s. Which takes precedence?


What if a game has discontinued achievements? I was looking at Dirt 2, and it has 2. Also, do racing games count as a sport?


Discontinued games are dead - cannot be completed unless you already had them.


This is a good question. Since racing is called motorsport, does it count as a sport?


If it is listed in the Sport category on TA,

  1. Threepeat -
  2. Roman Numeral - World II: Hunting Boss
  3. Zed To Zed -
  4. Evened Up -
  5. I’m Number 1 -
  6. Stack It (360) -
  7. Stack It (ONE) -
  8. ID@Xbox -
  9. Free Is My Favorite Price Point - Knight Squad
  10. Zombies Redux - The Walking Dead: Michonne
  11. Super Completion -
  12. Better With Friends -
  13. Sword In Hand -
  14. The Big Screen -
  15. Dragon Quest - ARK: Survival Evolved
  16. How About That Sports Ball? - Madden NFL 17
  17. M-I-C-K-E-Y -
  18. Double Digit - Farming Simulator 15
  19. Remaster -
  20. Backwards Compatible Redux - Pac Man Championship Edition DX
  21. E For Everyone - Touchdown Hero: New Season
  22. Run A Vowel -
  23. Super Old School -
  24. Four’s A Crowd -
  25. Pacifist Parade -
  26. Mystical Mayhem -
  27. Pixel Awesome -
  28. Personalized -
  29. X Marks The Spot -
  30. Dealer’s Choice -


I’ve about got my list put together, and was wondering if Deadpool is considered Disney?