ENDED - Gamerscore-A-Gories (April 2017)


The month of April brings back an old contest I ran that will surely cause controversy.


The premise is quite simple. I have a list below of 12 “themes” of which you need to unlock an achievement(s) that fits the theme.

If you are the only person to submit that achievement - you will score points equal to the gamerscore of that achievement.
If others have also submitted that achievement - the total gamerscore will be divided by the number of people that entered.

Let me give you an example - let’s say the theme is “SPORTS” - and Player A submits: Baseball Master from Big League Sports for 50 GS. If they are the only person to submit that achievement - they are 50 GS richer.

Let’s say Player B also unlocks that achievement and submits it - then both Player A and B will get 25 GS (since the 50 GS is split between two people).

Only 1 achievement per game allowed. Only 1 submission per category (unless stated otherwise).

Submissions should be made via PM to me (so others don’t see your submissions)

1 - grand prize will go to the top point scorer in the contest
1 - random prize will be awarded to a random participant

1) Do You Like Pets? - unlock an achievement that contains a pet - example: “DOG”, “CAT”, “FISH”, etc.
2) Gear Head - unlock an achievement that contains a vehicle component - example: “WHEEL”, “GAS”, "MIRROR"
3) Herpetology 101 - unlock an achievement that contains an amphibian or reptile
4) Ladies Night (3 submissions) - unlock an achievement that contains a female specific word - example “WOMAN”, “MOM”, “GAL” - you may have up to three submissions, but each achievement must have a different word.
5) OO! Scary! - unlock an achievement that contains a double “O” - like “BOO” or "LOOK"
6) Rainbow Connection (3 submissions) - unlock an achievement that contains a color in the rainbow (RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE, VIOLET are the only acceptable words) - you may submit up to three achievements, but each must contain a different color.
7) That’s So Punny - unlock an achievement title that is a pun. Example: Hell Or High Slaughter in YAIBA or Vehicular Zombicide in State Of Decay
8) Century Club - unlock an achievement with the number 100 in it (either as numbers or letters)
9) When In Rome - unlock an achievement that contains Roman Numerals
10) Yea, It’s Party Time! - unlock an achievement that contains the word "PARTY"
11) I’m Kind Of A Big Deal - unlock two achievements, one that contains the word “BIG” and one that contains the word "DEAL"
12) Zed’s Dead, Baby! - unlock an achievement that begins with the letter “Z”

I’m sure there will be questions - so let me know below.

If you have a question on whether a certain achievement counts - private message me in any capacity to confirm I’ll accept it.



I assume one cannot submit the same achievement for multiple categories?


Correct - 1 achievement per category.
Achievement must be unlocked in the month of APRIL

I’m sure the “PUN” one is going to drive me crazy, but the others should be pretty straightforward.


How about a bonus for the achievement that fits the most categories? :smiley:


Quick suggestion:

Click on “My Achievements” on TA and select “Achievements I Don’t Have” - then sort by Gamerscore and see what your top achievements are and where they might fit in this contest.


Might be interesting to have a weekly leaderboard with just the scores. It would seem strange having no idea what everyone else is up to. Just a thought.


I can update what I have - you can also spy on other peoples feed to see what they are unlocking.

But there is nothing precluding someone from waiting to the end of the month to submit.


So I can search TA for an achievement with ‘dog’ in it (after filtering out everything but achievements [even though leaderboards still show up])…

I can see achievements that i haven’t earned yet out of the games i have…

Can i search for ‘dog’ out of just the pool of achievements i haven’t unlocked in games on my tag or in my collection? Sounds easy enough but i can’t figure it out.


I don’t think you can filter out your games in those searches.


Amphibian /reptile - dragons alright? Mythical but still!

Also for gearhead…is a vehicle itself ok? Car, truck etc


I would be inclined to agree with those suggestions for what it counts.


Well dang, I got a “fish” and a “lady” achievement a few hours before contest start.

Great contest though! I’ll be participating :grin:


Two of the categories say you can submit up to 3 achievements for that category; are there limits on the rest of them, or can we submit as many that fit as we can find?


You may only submit one achievement per category unless directed otherwise.


Do the double O need to be next to each other or anywhere in the achievement title. Such as Overload


Ya I concur that dragon should count as well.


For any that need a certain word in the achievement…does it need to be the word itself or just contain the word?
For example: the word “Fired” contains the word “red”…If the Achievement name is “You’re Fired,” does that count for a color?

  1. Double O’s must be consecutive - “book” “oops” , etc.

  2. Rules for containing words - the essence of the word must be maintained. “RED” for example - I’d accept “REDNESS” or “REDDEN” - but not “fiRED” or “offeRED” - those aren’t at all related to the color.

  3. Dragon is fine.


I think I know the answer to this, but just want to make sure- for Category 11, do you need to have both achievements unlocked for the entry to count? In other words, if you unlock an achievement with “Big” in the title, but don’t get one with “Deal” in the title, is that considered zero for that category? Or can you get partial credit? :wink:


Partial credit is just fine - submit whatever you end up with.

You only get 1 color - counts, you only get 1 of the 2 words - counts.