ENDED - Gamerscore-A-Gories (April 2017)


Just to check - can you use multiple achievements in the same game for this particular contest?


Nope - 1 achievement per game.


Should we post our entries here?


It says to PM so others don’t see your achievements.


Gamerscore-a-gories Recap

Here are the final results

Congrats to @mattism for 1st place


Did you just include the top people? Because I don’t see my name :cry:

EDIT: Congrats to mattism!

This was a fun contest, hope to see something like it again!


Congrats Mattism, My entries weren’t counted as I wasn’t listed or just skipped over? I checked my sent folder and the PM was sent. Thanks!


Sorry @spookyhurst and @Tropan - I’ve updated the sheet and put your accomplishments in there.


Thank you!


Just wanted to say a big congratulations to @mattism and @watty8883! It was great, fun challenge! And thanks heaps to @Freamwhole for the contests!