ENDED - Gamertag Challenge: September 2017 - seamonkeypowder


s: The Saboteur (First Blood)
e: The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (First Blood)
a: Assassin’s Creed II (Lightning Strike)
m: Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition (Iron Belly)
o: The Orange Box (Relentless Offense)
n: NBA JAM: On Fire Edition (Razzle Dazzle)
k: Killer Instinct (Spinal Novice)
e: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Artificer)
y: You’re in the Movies (First Audition)
p: Project Spark (Uri-Nation)
o: Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition (Choices Choices)
w: The Wolf Among Us (Win 10) (Welcome to Fabletown)
d: Deathsmiles (Getting Familiar)
r: Rocket League (Certifiable)

LordChabelo13 qualified for seamonkeypowder

  • rare letter(s) skipped, 1 entry


Yep, you got done by timezones I’m afraid.

Pro-tip - the TA website runs in UTC by default, so if you visit the site logged out (or in a private/porn-mode session) the datestamps on achievements will line up with our contests here. Opening up each of those achievements in a private browsing window shows them as being won on 1st October.


That is what I thought. Oh well, thanks for checking :slight_smile:


Done. Better late than never :wink:

S - Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure - Happy Hour
E - Endless Skater (Win 8) - Line 3
A - AlphaJax (Win 8) - Ace Adversary
M - Monster Burner (WP) - Lighthouse Keeper
O - Operation Flashpoint: Red River (Xbox 360) - Of The People, For The People
N - National Geographic Quiz: Wild Life - Top of the Class
K - Killer Instinct - Competitive Fulgore
E - Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon - Smells Like Team Spirit
Y - Yahtzee (WP) - Back at you
P - Project CARS - Exorcist
O - Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising - Squad Slayer
W - WRC: FIA World Rally Championship - Pull!
D - Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce - Victory Toast
E - Encleverment Experiment - Master Round
R - Rare Replay - Forced Apart