ENDED - .:mOCAS 2017:. (March) - This is madness


Most of these have abbreviations… will those count? It’s North Carolina on the link you posted. However, everyone knows them by UNC


No. Only names in parenthesis will be accepted.


If you are interested:

That is how many of each letter you need - only 644 achievement total - for the entire field of 68.

Of course 4 teams will be eliminated from that total, but … you know, posterity.


Thanks. Just wanted to check… already have 5 done (Wisconsin, Oregon, Baylor, Villanova and Princeton) and a lot more in progress. The vowels are killing me. I need tons of U’s and A’s.


Weasel Pizza

Kansas (1)
Villanova (1)
Gonzaga (1)
North Carolina (1)

Arizona (2)
Duke (2)
Louisville (2)
Kentucky (2)

Florida State (3)
Oregon (3)
Baylor (3)
UCLA (3)

Florida (4)
Purdue (4)
Butler (4)
West Virginia (4)

Iowa State (5)
Virginia (5)
Notre Dame (5)

Cincinnati (6)
SMU (6)

Michigan (7)
South Carolina (7)
Saint Mary’s (7)

Arkansas (8)
Northwestern (8)
Wisconsin (8)
Miami (8)

Michigan State (9)

Wichita State (10)
VCU (10)

USC (11)
Rhode Island (11)

Middle Tennessee (12)


At the risk of making this more convoluted, I created a tracking spreadsheet. Feel free to download and use it. I included some basic instructions within it.


I was also able to calculate the letter totals after the first four losers were taken out:


I’m actually showing different totals here by my own tracking. Maybe someone can confirm?
The short version, just to sum it up, I show 610 Total. I could break that down individually if necessary.
The letters (from team names based on the names in parenthesis from the link provided) that we were to eliminate - “New Orleans” “Wake Forest” “Providence” and “NCCU”

So just from that…the original post showed we needed 74 “A” achievements. There are 2 A’s in those team names, which would leave us with 72 needed, but you show 69 for some reason…?


It is possible I missed something. If you look at my attached spreadsheet there is a hidden raw data tab where I got the school names. I basically just copied and pasted Wikipedia and then took away the parentheses.


Spreadsheet is genius, thanks so much for putting this together :slight_smile:


I understand.
I started with that original data, and then removed the 4 eliminated. I haven’t actually counted myself. So I’m just assuming Freamwhole counted correctly the first time around lol


Yep, I dunno. I think Fream might have been off. My numbers look correct. I took another look at mine, but I wouldn’t know for sure where the discrepancy lies unless I see Fream’s original data.


I did the frequencies for just the sweet 16. That is a lot of As and Is. Hopefully, these are right:

  • A 15
  • B 2
  • C 4
  • D 2
  • E 6
  • F 1
  • G 5
  • H 1
  • I 12
  • J 0
  • K 2
  • L 6
  • M 1
  • N 11
  • O 11
  • P 1
  • Q 0
  • R 11
  • S 6
  • T 4
  • U 5
  • V 2
  • W 2
  • X 1
  • Y 2
  • Z 2

Not sure why the formatting isn’t coming through, sorry.

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X is proving difficult…as usual…

We CAN use app achievements, right?


Yes we can!


So according to that list North Carolina cannot be abbreviated as UNC, which is a commonly used abbreviation for the school. Same thing goes for West Virginia (WVU),South Carolina (USC is SOMETIMES, used but can be confused with Southern California), Kentucky (UK), and Kansas (KU) I am not questioning the rules, I am just questioning the use of that list, since it omits common acronyms.


I’m neither American nor familiar with NCAA but I had to set clear rules for the contest.
I was looking for a list that matches school names used in the official bracket on the NCAA website. This is the one I found and was happy with.


Letter counts for the final 8, based on these names:

South Carolina
West Virginia
North Carolina

A 10
B 0
C 3
D 1
E 3
F 1
G 4
H 2
I 6
J 0
K 3
L 3
M 0
N 8
O 8
P 0
Q 0
R 6
S 4
T 4
U 2
V 1
W 1
X 0
Y 1
Z 1

If any of those school names are wrong according to the official list, let me know.


Actually, the last 8 should have Xavier (who lost yesterday), instead of West Virginia, so you may want to check those numbers. Sorry…


Think I’ve done as much as I can on this…my favorite competition for a long time. Has to be a repeat on this with a similar theme someday