ENDED - .:mOCAS 2017:. (May) - The forces of May



  • All common rules apply.
  • Gain 1 entry for each achievement containing a word that appears in any Star Wars movie opening crawl.
  • Enter by posting parts of the crawls with words linking to the achievement pages with your gamerid.

Example: It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, [striking] (https://www.trueachievements.com/a216030/striking-back-achievement) from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire.


  • Shabobble - 104
  • Officer_Zero - 29
  • jblacq - 79
  • RADtech2448 - 57
  • SaucySlingo - 94
  • planting42 - 78
  • ChinDocta - 189
  • Kingsman_2625 - 102
  • doughboyee - 27
  • SkepticalMario - 48
  • Freamwhole - 33
  • MinPin - 6
  • Xtowers - 59
  • Tropan - 66
  • Matty.H - 36
  • LordChabelo13 - 54
  • RedHotSand - 30
  • IronFistofSnuff - 67


  • Officer_Zero


Lol you really are pushing the OC part of this contest.

Okay so are we talking just episodes 1-7? I’m sure there’s other non-official star wars movies out there with the opening rolls.


Yes, let’s stick with episodes I-VII.


Might it be better to say it must be a noun from the opening craw? Otherwise it just becomes tons and tons of achievements with the “an”, “of”, “the”, ect…


I thought about it beforehand and decided to allow all “words”. So collect as many “of-s” and “the-s” as you like.


Here is a link with the crawls: HERE

Question - is it only one submission per word?

Like Episode IV: It is a period of civil war… that could be 7 achievements and then I could use a different “it” word for another word in a different part of the crawl?


Are those crawls different from the ones I linked?
Yes, one achievement = one word in one crawl.


No, I’m sure they are the same - I didn’t see the link.


I wasn’t sure I didn’t link to some bootleg asian version or something :slight_smile:


Do the titles (e.g., Episode IV A New Hope) count too, or just the body content of the crawl?


Just the body.


Do the words have to match exactly?

For example:

  • “doesn’t” for “does”?
  • “planets” for “planet”?

… and so on.


Are you allowed to use multiple achievements from the same game?


Words need to match exactly.


No matter how many words are in an achievement title, I’m guessing you can only use each achievement once, right? We wouldn’t be able to use Is there a garbage chute? for an occurrence of “is” “there” and “a”, correct?


Mentioned earlier:


You are correct.


Hey All… Messed around with the crawls in excel to make a worksheet you can use. It’s sorted by Film and then the words place in the crawl. You can sort the 3rd column alphabetically to find words you need.



Fun fact… “The” appears 59 unique times across the 7 crawls.


That is FUN!