ENDED - .:mOCAS 2017:. (November) - Get over here!


  • All common rules apply.
  • Use first characters of achievement names to spell out SCORPIO.
  • Non-alphanumeric characters in achievement names should be ignored.
  • For achievements beginning with The, A or An use the next word instead.
  • Gain 10 entries for each SCORPIO spelled out, gain 50 entries if all the letters used are from the same game, gain 100 entries if the game is an Xbox One X Enhanced title.
  • Enter by posting achievement links containing your gamerid.



do we have to get the achievements in order ?

No, order doesn’t matter.

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Spell it just once? Or are you allowing multiple entries?

Multiple, hence: “Gain 10 entries for each SCORPIO spelled out”

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The URL for getting easy achievements beginning with character still works after Alphabet challenge, and may be useful for the contest, by replacing firstChar for each letter:
It only cannot be used for the non-alphanumeric ones, and for starting with ‘The, A or An’, but they can still be found by using T and A as first char and sorting by name.

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Awesome thanks for clarifying. I read it multiple times but I still missed it haha.

Do you have a list of what qualifies for Xbox One X Enhanced?
You can filter games on TA by XOX Enhanced. Does anything on their list qualify? https://www.trueachievements.com/games.aspx

And does the timing of it matter? For example, Steep is on the list, but who know when the XOX update will actually release. Would it count regardless?

Let’s just say that every game that’s on this list counts: https://www.trueachievements.com/Xbox-One-X-Enhanced/Games

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I’ve got my first Scorpio list done:

S - A Story About My Goat
C - The Charter Trip
O - Old Goat
R - Rymdskepp I Rymden
P - Plentiful masquerade
I - Itsamee!
O - One Ball

All in Goat Simulator & all done in sequence. Pity GS it isn’t on the enhanced list.

Onto the next one.

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S - Stuck On You - Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
C - Cable Break - TurnOn
O - Old Secrets - TurnOn
R - Rock And A Hard Place - Walking Dead: Season One
P - Pride Goes Before A Fall - TurnOn
I - I Helped - Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
O - Obtaining Clarity - Ori And The Blind Forest

S - Sloth Love Chunk
C - Civic Doodle: Reelection
O - Ooooh Yeah!
R - Reaching new heights
P - Perks of the Job
I - Incredible
O - Old Friends, Older Enemies

Should be OK, assuming it’s for 100 points.

Mixed Games (10 Entries each)
S - Smart Alec (Bridge Constructor)
C - A Complete Hoonatic (Forza Horizon 3)
O - One Hand behind My Back (R.U.S.E.)
R - Research Warrant (Zoo Tycoon)
P - Peak Jumper (Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP))
I - I Freaking Love Goats (Goat Simulator X1)
O - Occasional Allies (R.U.S.E.)

S - Sniarb! (Fire: Ungh’s Quest (Win 10))
C - Close to the Animals (Zoo Tycoon)
O - Online Gammoner (Hardwood Backgammon)
R - Research Warrant (Zoo Tycoon (Xbox 360))
P - Phase One Complete (Zoo Tycoon)
I - Invincible (R.U.S.E.)
O - Obscure Foundations (Inside)

S - Smooth Over the Cracks (Zoo Tycoon (Xbox 360))
C - Close to the Animals (Zoo Tycoon (Xbox 360))
O - Onk Boga I (Fire: Ungh’s Quest (Win 10))
R - Research Party (Zoo Tycoon (Xbox 360))
P - Phase One Complete (Zoo Tycoon (Xbox 360))
I - If You Build Them (Zoo Tycoon (Xbox 360))
O - Onk Boga II (Fire: Ungh’s Quest (Win 10))

S - Smelt Everything! (Minecraft)
C - Competitor (R.U.S.E.)
O - Onk Boga III (Fire: Ungh’s Quest (Win 10))
R - Regular (R.U.S.E.)
P - Poop Master (Zoo Tycoon)
I - If You Build Them (Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection)
O - On A Rail (Minecraft)

One Game (50 Entries)
S - Snap Happy (Zoo Tycoon)
C - Challenger (Zoo Tycoon)
O - One of Everything (Zoo Tycoon)
R - Research Party (Zoo Tycoon)
P - Photographer Extraordinaire (Zoo Tycoon)
I - I’m a Millionaire! (Zoo Tycoon)
O - One of Each (Zoo Tycoon)

X.B.O.X. Enhanced Game (100 Entries)
S - Sniper Duel (Minecraft)
C - Cow Tipper (Minecraft)
O - Overkill (Minecraft)
R - Renewable Energy (Minecraft)
P - Pork Chop (Minecraft)
I - It’s a Sign! (Minecraft)
O - Overpowered (Minecraft)

This will be my last update.

S - Science of deduction
C - Challenge accepted
O - Out with a bang
R - Rank: On the flow
P - Prenteder Man
I - In a land far away
O - Out of the blue
10 entries

S - Snap
C - Chain reaction
O - Offline mode
R - Rank: Half-time champ
P - Playing for keeps
I - It came from outer space
O - O, wonder
10 entries

S - Spa treatment
C - Country living
O - Old school
R - Rank: Good puzzle chief
P - Pony up
I - Invitation to die for
O - On the way
10 entries

S - Silver lining
C - Creature feature
O - Origin story
R - Rank: Cake in sight
P - Pure platinum
I - I woke up like this
O - Out of this world!
10 entries

S - Shutdown
C - Calorie Minimizer
O - One Rule
R - [Rocky Road]
P - Perserverance
I - Charlie Ward
O - One Buffed Dude

S Stike Gold (Sleeping Dogs: Definite Edition)
C Cracking Down (D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die)
O Opposition in All Things (Dragon Age: Inquisition)
R Rookie (Sleeping Dogs: Definitely Edition)
P Play It Again, Vince… (Catherine)
I Infowlable (Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition)
O Orange is the New Track (Forza Horizon 3)

S Slight Silver (Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition)
C Carney (Alan Wake)
O One Person at a Time (Slime Rancher)
R Right of Way (Alan Wake)
P Park Ranger (Alan Wake)
I Iron Horse (Alan Wake)
O On The Other Side (Slime Rancher)

Minecraft (Xbox One X Enhanced):

S - Smelt Everything
C - Chestful of Cobblestone
O - Overkill
R - Rainbow Collection
P - Pot Planter
I - Iron Man
O - Overpowered

(100 entries)

The Walking Dead: Season Two:

S - Sneaky
C - Come Hither
O - One Long Day
R - Reunion
P - Past Midnight
I - The Intruder
O - Old Friends

(50 entries)

Mixed games:

S - Super Fuel
C - Canned Projects
O - Overkill
R - Rabbit Season
P - A Polite Conversation
I - It’s A Sign
O - The Only Ghould In The World

(10 entries)

S - Short Haul Flight
C - The Captain’s Log
O - Over The Bridge
R - Relic Hunter
P - Perks Of The Job
I - It’s A Me
O - Opening Knight

(10 entries)

S - Saddle Up
C - Complete Chapter Four
O - Orange Bull
R - Return To Sender
P - Part-Time Hero
I - I’ll Just Take This Now
O - Out Of The Frying Pan

(10 entries)

S - Snake Eyes
C - Carrot
O - The One That Got Away
R - Rehabilitated
P - Pursuing The Hood
I - It’s Been Fun. Don’t Come Back
O - Out Of The Frying Pan

(10 entries)

Total: 190 entries

S - Self-Made Solver - Microsoft Ultimate Word Games
C - Charred Memory - The Walking Dead: Michonne (Xbox 360)
O - OUST 'em out - Gimme Five
R - Reaching new heights - Trackmania Turbo
P - Party Crashers - The Walking Dead: Michonne (Xbox 360)
I - Icons of History - Age of Empires: Castle Siege (WP)
O - Ommetaphobia - Rogue Legacy

Before I forget, and in case I don’t get anything else today:

S - Stockpile
C - Complete Chapter One
O - One Hand Clapping
R - Represent
P - Polite Conversation, A
I - In the Land of the Blind
O - Off the Beaten Path

S - Score More
C - Clean Harpoon
O - Over “The Air” Achiever
R - Robo Rocket
P - Perfect 10
I - INKjustice
O - On the Path

S - Squid Port Pacifist
O - Operation MI
R - Reaching new heights
P - Perfect World 1
I - INKtroduction
O - Out of the Frying Pan…

S - So many secrets
C - Choices Choices
O - Old School
R - River Fishing
I - It’s A Me
O - Old School

(40 Entries Total)