ENDED - .:mOCAS 2017:. (October) - Back and forth


  • All common rules apply.
  • Every participant start with 0 Convolution Score (CS in short).
  • Beginning with the first achievement unlocked in October for each odd numbered achievement its gamerscore is added to participant’s CS and for every even numbered achievement its gamerscore is substracted.
  • Offline or not timestamped achievements do not count and can’t be used to skip gamerscore substraction.
  • 0GS achievements do count however challenges do not.
  • Only participants with final CS greater than zero gain entries.
  • Person with the lowest CS gets 10 entries and each next one gets 10 entries more than the person before.
  • Enter by posting link to the first achievement unlocked in October (UTC time zone) containing your gamerid.


  • Odd/even refer to the order you gain achievements and not their gamerscore.
  • Make sure you use appropriate starting achievement. Either switch your TA profile to (UTC) Coordinated Universal Time to check it yourself or PM me so I can check it for you.

I am interested in joining this contest

Oh man…

And when you say odd/even, do you mean ending or not ending in 5/0 or actually odd/even numbers?

From context, it appears to mean that your CS starts at 0. You add the gamerscore value of the first achievement you unlock in October. Then you subtract the gamerscore value of the second. Then add the third. Subtract the fourth. And so on.

I mean 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th etc.

Dangit, misinterpreted the rules. Oh well, at least I can still recover.

Convoluted is a perfect descriptive word.

My first chievo: Pure Gold

As I understand it, the scoring goes something like this?
1st cheivo in Oct: Pure gold +20
2nd cheivo: One of a Kind -10
3rd cheivo: Variety Act +15
4th cheivo: Dance Crew -15

Which has me currently at a whopping 15 CS! :smiley:

Correct on all accounts.

Dialect Coach

Starting at 20, still at 20 I think with -15 +15 as my next two so far for the month. This is gonna get weird lol


I believe this is my starting achievement. Right at the start time. Please confirm. Thanks!


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First achievement for this month: Drift Lap.


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I believe my first achievement was “That’s no moon

My first was Vanity.

The next two unlocked simultaneously in the game (at 19:09 according to the TA timestamp), so I’m assuming for the contest, they are counted in the order shown on the achievement tab.

First achievement for the month should be Orchestrate this!