ENDED - Random To Do List Feed - Season 2017 T3


@Wakapeil (Wakapeil) unlocked Gender Bender from Skate 2


@SaucySlingo (SaucySlingo) unlocked Time for a Tire Change from Zoo Tycoon


@Kahuna28 (Kahuna28) unlocked Maximum from Mad Max


@Elroyomj (ElroyOMJ) unlocked Daily champion from Animated Puzzles Star (Win 10)


@Freamwhole (Freamwhole) unlocked Halfway from Shovel Knight
@StanChubb (Stan Th3 M4n 00) unlocked Whip it Good from Stormrise (PC)


@EnigmaGamer77 (Enigma Gamer 77) unlocked Man Up Manny from Fight Night Round 4


@Elroyomj (ElroyOMJ) unlocked HI SCORE MODE 150,000 points from ACA NEOGEO ALPHA MISSION II
@Elroyomj (ElroyOMJ) unlocked Observation from Ghostscape (WP)


@Kahuna28 (Kahuna28) unlocked Madness Prevails from Alice: Madness Returns


@Shabobble (Shabobble) unlocked Champion from Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians
@spankyNspronkle (spankyNspronkle) unlocked Cable Break from TurnOn
@WildwoodMike (WildwoodMike) unlocked Brothers In Arms from Ryse: Son of Rome


@Fresh336669 (Fresh336669) unlocked Top Gun from SEGA Superstars Tennis
@NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked Adler Letters, Pt. 2 from OXENFREE
@Proulx (Proulx) unlocked 2 Quick 2 Pissed from Saints Row 2


@Stushniken (stushniken) unlocked Joey from Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent’s Curse
@WildwoodMike (WildwoodMike) unlocked Child of the 90s from Rare Replay


@SaucySlingo (SaucySlingo) unlocked We shouldn’t reward this behaviour from Ninja Pizza Girl


@EnigmaGamer77 (Enigma Gamer 77) unlocked Not bad for a little furball from Star Wars Battlefront
@Reset42 (Reset42) unlocked A taste of everything from Dead Island Definitive Edition
@Whtthfgg (Whtthfgg) unlocked Packet Bulger from Viva Piñata: Trouble In Paradise
@Whtthfgg (Whtthfgg) unlocked Renewable Energy from Minecraft: Xbox One Edition


@zzUrbanSpaceman (zzUrbanSpaceman) unlocked Sword and Shield from Halo: The Master Chief Collection


@zzUrbanSpaceman (zzUrbanSpaceman) unlocked Raging in the Dark from Halo: The Master Chief Collection


@zzUrbanSpaceman (zzUrbanSpaceman) unlocked Symphony of Pain from Halo: The Master Chief Collection


@rawkerdude5012 (rawkerdude5012) unlocked Brute Force from Rare Replay


@SaucySlingo (SaucySlingo) unlocked Pathfinder from Unravel
@WeezyFuzz (WeezyFuzz) unlocked Renjamin Spanklin from OXENFREE


@rawkerdude5012 (rawkerdude5012) unlocked Hover Bananas from Rare Replay
@rawkerdude5012 (rawkerdude5012) unlocked Conked Out from Rare Replay
@rawkerdude5012 (rawkerdude5012) unlocked You are the Keymaster from Rare Replay
@rawkerdude5012 (rawkerdude5012) unlocked Inventory Management from Rare Replay


@tonycoconuts (tony coconuts) unlocked Catharsis from Mass Effect 2