ENDED - Random To Do List Feed - Season 2017 T3


@Crunchygoblin68 (CrunchyGoblin68) unlocked In the Zone from Dragon Mania Legends (Win 8)


@Crunchygoblin68 (CrunchyGoblin68) unlocked Read-only from Watch_Dogs


@SoupaBuoy (SoupaBuoy) unlocked Perfect Path from G Prime
@SoupaBuoy (SoupaBuoy) unlocked Foursome from Baseball Riot


@EnigmaGamer77 (Enigma Gamer 77) unlocked A new challenger has appeared from Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition
@MiserlyPluto459 (MiserlyPluto459) unlocked Leg day from Valley
@SoupaBuoy (SoupaBuoy) unlocked Tony Goat from Goat Simulator
@SoupaBuoy (SoupaBuoy) unlocked Master of the Tag Assault from Tekken Tag Tournament 2


@WeezyFuzz (WeezyFuzz) unlocked This thing of ours from Blue Estate


@Jess_Stryker (Jess Stryker) unlocked Expert strategist from Blood Bowl 2


@KenH2k4 (KenH2k4) unlocked Wheel Goat from Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition


@MiserlyPluto459 (MiserlyPluto459) unlocked King of Sins from The Inner World
@zzUrbanSpaceman (zzUrbanSpaceman) unlocked Fire of Justice from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor


@MiserlyPluto459 (MiserlyPluto459) unlocked One of Us from Murdered: Soul Suspect


@Xtowers (Xtowers) unlocked Stay Out of the Forest from Goosebumps: The Game


@spankyNspronkle (spankyNspronkle) unlocked The Golden Fleece from Thomas Was Alone


@BigEll (Big Ell) unlocked Going Nowhere Fast from Halo: The Master Chief Collection


@NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked Eye Candy from Tentacles (WP)


@NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked ACII | Victory lies in preparation from Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection


@NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked ACII | An Old Friend Returns from Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection


@CallSignIceMan (CallSign IceMan) unlocked Fire Away from Just Dance Kids 2014


@Matrarch (Matrarch) unlocked Online Champion from Burnout Paradise


@Xpovos (Xpovos) unlocked Complete Chapter Six from The Turing Test


@SoupaBuoy (SoupaBuoy) unlocked Wear Clothes… Check! from The LEGO Movie Videogame


@Cavaliers07 (Cavaliers07) unlocked Challenger from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II