ENDED - RTDL Achievement Feed - Season 2018 Trimester 1


:trophy: @BigEll (Big Ell) unlocked Level 4 100% Completion! from Kung Fu Panda for 197 points (2/25)
:trophy: @SkepticalMario (Skeptical Mario) unlocked A Leap of Faith from Batman: Arkham Knight for 277 points (2/25)


:trophy: @Mark_B (Mark B) unlocked Finders Keepers from Ryse: Son of Rome for 306 points (5/25)
:trophy: @Posty (Posty) unlocked Law of Gravitation from SEGA Vintage Collection: Golden Axe for 139 points (1/25)


:trophy: @Eliphelet77 (Eliphelet77) unlocked Hot Rod! from Super Toy Cars for 148 points (7/25)


:trophy: @Elroyomj (ElroyOMJ) unlocked Big Spender from Dead Rising 2 (Xbox 360) for 284 points (6/25)
:trophy: @SkepticalMario (Skeptical Mario) unlocked Dark Allegiances from Batman: Arkham Knight for 154 points (3/25)


:trophy: @SaucySlingo (SaucySlingo) unlocked Assistant to the Regional Manager from Dad Beat Dads for 127 points (3/25)


:trophy: @Elde (Elde) unlocked Enemy Of My Enemy from Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China for 330 points (1/25)


:trophy: @Mark_B (Mark B) unlocked Thank You Edge from WWE '12 for 245 points (6/25)
:trophy: @ninjeestarr (ninjeestarr) unlocked Body Guard from Minecraft: Xbox One Edition for 164 points (2/25)
:trophy: @ninjeestarr (ninjeestarr) unlocked Home Field from Forza Motorsport 6 for 111 points (3/25)
:trophy: @ninjeestarr (ninjeestarr) unlocked Bake Bread from Minecraft for 174 points (4/25)


:trophy: @WeezyFuzz (WeezyFuzz) unlocked Class Warfare from South Park: The Fractured but Whole for 110 points (3/25)
:trophy: @Whtthfgg (Whtthfgg) unlocked Terminus from Halo: The Master Chief Collection for 291 points (9/25)


:trophy: @Kingsman_2625 (Kingsman 2625) unlocked The Guardian Fernus from Teslagrad for 132 points (10/25)
:trophy: @Kingsman_2625 (Kingsman 2625) unlocked Winner of Quadrocopters from TurnOn for 111 points (11/25)
:trophy: @Kingsman_2625 (Kingsman 2625) unlocked Winner from Split/Second for 121 points (12/25)
:trophy: @Kingsman_2625 (Kingsman 2625) unlocked Meanie from TurnOn for 109 points (13/25)
:trophy: @NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked Fly Like a Regal from Forza Horizon 3 for 243 points (3/25)
:trophy: @thetominator177 (thetominator177) unlocked Master Negotiator from Madden NFL 15 for 176 points (5/25)


:trophy: @apollo2342 (APOLLO2342) unlocked Choices Matter from Late Shift for 136 points (1/25)
:trophy: @Elroyomj (ElroyOMJ) unlocked Wanted Dead or Alive from Deadlight: Directors Cut for 147 points (7/25)
:trophy: @Elroyomj (ElroyOMJ) unlocked Catch! from Dead Island (Xbox 360) for 190 points (8/25)
:trophy: @EnigmaGamer77 (Enigma Gamer 77) unlocked Whitewash from Project Gotham Racing 4 for 122 points (4/25)
:trophy: @tamster008 (tamster008) unlocked 10,000,000 points from Raiden IV for 157 points (1/25)


:trophy: @Freamwhole (Freamwhole) unlocked Is this goodbye? from Refunct for 154 points (3/25)
:trophy: @SkepticalMario (Skeptical Mario) unlocked Went Five Rounds from Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360) for 148 points (4/25)
:trophy: @SkepticalMario (Skeptical Mario) unlocked Thunder’s Matchups from Killer Instinct for 534 points (5/25)
:trophy: @Whtthfgg (Whtthfgg) unlocked Quiplash XL: Back Talk from The Jackbox Party Pack 2 for 186 points (10/25)


:trophy: @Freamwhole (Freamwhole) unlocked Premium Engineering from Her Majesty’s SPIFFING for 111 points (4/25)
:trophy: @kungfuskills (kungfuskills) unlocked Shipyard Infiltration from The Bourne Conspiracy for 106 points (1/25)
:trophy: @rawkerdude5012 (rawkerdude5012) unlocked Five Minutes Later… from Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge for 146 points (5/25)
:trophy: @rawkerdude5012 (rawkerdude5012) unlocked You still need 8880… from Assassin’s Creed Origins for 117 points (6/25)


:trophy: @Crunchygoblin68 (CrunchyGoblin68) unlocked Boot Camp from Defense Grid 2 for 134 points (2/25)
:trophy: @Crunchygoblin68 (CrunchyGoblin68) unlocked High Voltage from Defense Grid 2 for 219 points (3/25)
:trophy: @NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked Puzzle Master from Draw a Stickman: EPIC for 195 points (4/25)
:trophy: @Shabobble (Shabobble) unlocked ACB | Fundraiser from Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection for 155 points (2/25)


:trophy: @Wiznyatt (Wiznyatt) unlocked Speed from Vancouver 2010 for 158 points (8/25)
:trophy: @Wiznyatt (Wiznyatt) unlocked Flawless Fretwork from Rock Band Classic Rock Track Pack for 200 points (9/25)


:trophy: @beezelbug (beezelBug) unlocked Lightning Strikes from Assassin’s Creed: Revelations for 216 points (1/25)
:trophy: @MikePitch (Mike Pitch) unlocked Clocked Out from Sixty Second Shooter Prime for 140 points (1/25)


:trophy: @tonycoconuts (tony coconuts) unlocked Pest Control Specialist from Sniper Elite 3 for 172 points (3/25)


:trophy: @Buckmarley155 (Buckmarley155) unlocked Nightmare of Lesphia from Samurai Shodown Sen for 167 points (5/25)
:trophy: @Kingsman_2625 (Kingsman 2625) unlocked Leisurely Salvation from TurnOn for 126 points (14/25)


:trophy: @apollo2342 (APOLLO2342) unlocked Timed Stunt Driver from Crackdown for 224 points (2/25)
:trophy: @BigEll (Big Ell) unlocked Quality Keeper from Harry Potter for Kinect for 235 points (3/25)


:trophy: @BigEll (Big Ell) unlocked Ante up from Disney Pixar Brave: The Video Game for 104 points (4/25)
:trophy: @BigEll (Big Ell) unlocked Get out of my way from Disney Pixar Brave: The Video Game for 126 points (5/25)
:trophy: @Buckmarley155 (Buckmarley155) unlocked Supply… from Far Cry 2 for 135 points (6/25)


:trophy: @Trigger_Inside (Trigger Inside) unlocked Mod Culture from Costume Quest 2 for 115 points (1/25)
:trophy: @Whtthfgg (Whtthfgg) unlocked Level Headed from MX vs. ATV: Alive for 204 points (11/25)