ENDED - RTDL Achievement Feed - Season 2018 Trimester 1


:trophy: @Mark_B (Mark B) unlocked The End? from Minecraft: Xbox One Edition for 216 points (12/25)


:trophy: @ToadStyleVenom (ToadStyleVenom) unlocked Completionist from Shadow Complex for 175 points (10/25)


:trophy: @ToadStyleVenom (ToadStyleVenom) unlocked All bunched up from Disney Pixar Brave: The Video Game for 126 points (11/25)


:trophy: @Wakapeil (Wakapeil) unlocked Iron Fist from Quantum Break for 139 points (7/25)


:trophy: @EnigmaGamer77 (Enigma Gamer 77) unlocked Skulltaker Halo 2: Black Eye from Halo: The Master Chief Collection for 354 points (10/25)


:trophy: @christamDS (christamDS) unlocked Gaze into the abyss from AER - Memories of Old for 116 points (1/25)


:trophy: @Mclovin (Mclovin Legend1) unlocked Brothers Till The End from Gears of War 4 for 219 points (5/25)


:trophy: @Proulx (Proulx) unlocked Horticulturist from Viva Piñata for 182 points (6/25)


:trophy: @Kingsman_2625 (Kingsman 2625) unlocked Hip Hop Pimpin’ from Pimp My Ride for 198 points (17/25)


:trophy: @MiserlyPluto459 (MiserlyPluto459) unlocked Code Finder from Decay - The Mare for 110 points (4/25)


:trophy: @Proulx (Proulx) unlocked Yippee-Kai-Yay from Crackdown 2 for 190 points (7/25)


:trophy: @apollo2342 (APOLLO2342) unlocked Hell from From Dust for 129 points (3/25)
:trophy: @NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked A Cool Mill from Band Hero for 194 points (10/25)
:trophy: @Wiznyatt (Wiznyatt) unlocked Dogged from Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper for 118 points (13/25)


:trophy: @Elroyomj (ElroyOMJ) unlocked The Light Fantastic from The Sexy Brutale for 142 points (14/25)


:trophy: @SaucySlingo (SaucySlingo) unlocked Euphoria DJ from DJ Hero for 145 points (7/25)


:trophy: @NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked The Siege from Assassin’s Creed Origins for 143 points (11/25)


:trophy: @christamDS (christamDS) unlocked ACB | The Gloves Come Off from Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection for 210 points (2/25)


:trophy: @Eliphelet77 (Eliphelet77) unlocked On The Other Side from Slime Rancher for 146 points (11/25)


:trophy: @Elroyomj (ElroyOMJ) unlocked The King in Red from The Sexy Brutale for 146 points (15/25)
:trophy: @Elroyomj (ElroyOMJ) unlocked Flower from Monochroma for 156 points (16/25)
:trophy: @rawkerdude5012 (rawkerdude5012) unlocked Survivalist from Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition for 221 points (13/25)


:trophy: @christamDS (christamDS) unlocked Le Voyage dans la Lune Citadel from Headlander for 155 points (3/25)


:trophy: @NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked PHANTOM Battered! from Tembo The Badass Elephant for 270 points (12/25)
:trophy: @Wakapeil (Wakapeil) unlocked Sixpence None the Wiser from The Sexy Brutale for 107 points (8/25)