ENDED - RTDL Achievement Feed - Season 2018 Trimester 1


:trophy: @Dobon (Dobon) unlocked Downhill from Spintires: MudRunner for 284 points (3/25)
:trophy: @Kingsman_2625 (Kingsman 2625) unlocked Unscathed from Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine for 618 points (25/25)


:trophy: @Kingsman_2625 (Kingsman 2625) unlocked Swappy McSwappington from Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered for 151 points (1/25)
:trophy: @KooshMoose (KooshMoose) unlocked Start Sipping from Soda Drinker Pro for 100 points (1/25)
:trophy: @SkepticalMario (Skeptical Mario) unlocked Word Spud: Word Herd from The Jackbox Party Pack for 290 points (1/25)


:trophy: @Kingsman_2625 (Kingsman 2625) unlocked Are your Legs Tired? from Zoo Tycoon for 227 points (2/25)
:trophy: @NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked Mattress Madness from Goat Simulator for 185 points (1/25)
:trophy: @SkepticalMario (Skeptical Mario) unlocked Infiltrator from Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India for 111 points (2/25)
:trophy: @SkepticalMario (Skeptical Mario) unlocked Consistent Combo from Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India for 105 points (3/25)
:trophy: @SkepticalMario (Skeptical Mario) unlocked Mixology 101 from Sunset Overdrive for 190 points (4/25)
:trophy: @SkepticalMario (Skeptical Mario) unlocked Smash n’ Grab from Burnout Paradise Remastered for 228 points (5/25)


:trophy: @Matrarch (Matrarch) unlocked Gentleman in the ring from WWE 2K17 for 239 points (1/25)
:trophy: @Matrarch (Matrarch) unlocked Attitude Adjustment from WWE 2K17 for 237 points (2/25)
:trophy: @NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked I Didn’t Do It from Trine 2 for 107 points (2/25)
:trophy: @SkepticalMario (Skeptical Mario) unlocked Sliding Marksman from Dishonored 2 for 279 points (6/25)
:trophy: @ToadStyleVenom (ToadStyleVenom) unlocked Taking Over from NBA LIVE 18 for 257 points (1/25)
:trophy: @Tropan (Tropan) unlocked This door will open later from NORTH for 103 points (1/25)
:trophy: @Tropan (Tropan) unlocked Good worker from NORTH for 103 points (2/25)


:trophy: @BigEll (Big Ell) unlocked Black Belt from Killer Instinct for 462 points (1/25)
:trophy: @Kingsman_2625 (Kingsman 2625) unlocked Dem Bones from Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine for 150 points (3/25)
:trophy: @Kingsman_2625 (Kingsman 2625) unlocked Timed Stunt Driver from Crackdown for 225 points (4/25)
:trophy: @Matrarch (Matrarch) unlocked …Then Blew It Up from Manual Samuel for 164 points (3/25)
:trophy: @Matrarch (Matrarch) unlocked Mmyes Indeedrun from No Time To Explain for 509 points (4/25)
:trophy: @Reset42 (Reset42) unlocked Heart of Darkness from Dead Island Riptide (Xbox 360) for 111 points (1/25)


:trophy: @Reset42 (Reset42) unlocked Rymdskepp I Rymden from Goat Simulator for 153 points (2/25)
:trophy: @Reset42 (Reset42) unlocked Daughter of Giants from The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited for 145 points (3/25)


:trophy: @nifkinn (nifkin1990) unlocked Level 10 from Gears of War 3 for 107 points (1/25)


:trophy: @cowboykiller360 (cowboykiller360) unlocked Up, Up and Away from Mad Max for 190 points (1/25)
:trophy: @Kingsman_2625 (Kingsman 2625) unlocked Omnivorous from Slime Rancher for 155 points (5/25)


:trophy: @tonycoconuts (tony coconuts) unlocked Five Finger Discount from Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning for 144 points (1/25)


:trophy: @keith271179 (Keith271179) unlocked So You Think You’re Fast? from F1 2016 for 324 points (1/25)
:trophy: @Kingsman_2625 (Kingsman 2625) unlocked Cha Ching! from Hydro Thunder Hurricane for 137 points (6/25)


:trophy: @Elde (Elde) unlocked Feather in Your Recap from Rocket League for 152 points (1/25)
:trophy: @Elde (Elde) unlocked Hail Mary from NBA Playgrounds for 159 points (2/25)
:trophy: @Elde (Elde) unlocked Skill Beats Gun from Alan Wake’s American Nightmare for 168 points (3/25)
:trophy: @Elde (Elde) unlocked Impressive Moves from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for 321 points (4/25)
:trophy: @keith271179 (Keith271179) unlocked A Man and a Half from Doom II: Hell on Earth for 216 points (2/25)


:trophy: @ProfessorPluto (ProfessorPluto) unlocked Assault Enlistment from Battlefield 1 for 156 points (1/25)


:trophy: @ProfessorPluto (ProfessorPluto) unlocked Spring from Axel & Pixel for 110 points (2/25)


:trophy: @Fresh336669 (Fresh336669) unlocked Color Cannon from ReCore for 118 points (1/25)
:trophy: @KooshMoose (KooshMoose) unlocked Mr. Magnet from Claybook for 116 points (2/25)


:trophy: @BigEll (Big Ell) unlocked Back At You! from Rayman Origins for 209 points (2/25)


:trophy: @GiantHunger (Giant Hunger) unlocked Glacius Novice from Killer Instinct for 259 points (1/25)


:trophy: @Buckmarley155 (Buckmarley155) unlocked Rotisserie from Rise of the Tomb Raider for 215 points (1/25)
:trophy: @Kingsman_2625 (Kingsman 2625) unlocked Crime Lord. from LEGO Batman for 139 points (7/25)
:trophy: @ninjeestarr (ninjeestarr) unlocked Station A-45 from The Final Station for 103 points (1/25)
:trophy: @Posty (Posty) unlocked Shuriken Starburst from SEGA Vintage Collection: Alex Kidd & Co. for 127 points (1/25)


:trophy: @Elde (Elde) unlocked Firing Squad from Crackdown for 123 points (5/25)
:trophy: @Elde (Elde) unlocked I Got This from Halo: The Master Chief Collection for 181 points (6/25)
:trophy: @Elde (Elde) unlocked Speaking Part! from Foul Play for 156 points (7/25)
:trophy: @Kingsman_2625 (Kingsman 2625) unlocked CORP from TurnOn for 140 points (8/25)
:trophy: @Kingsman_2625 (Kingsman 2625) unlocked A New Master from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year Edition for 157 points (9/25)
:trophy: @Mclovin (Mclovin Legend1) unlocked I Will Avenge You, Father (Legendary) from Ryse: Son of Rome for 246 points (1/25)
:trophy: @NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked LIGHTS OUT from Cars 2 for 163 points (3/25)


:trophy: @Fresh336669 (Fresh336669) unlocked Pool Hall Party Running a Table from Game Party: In Motion for 328 points (2/25)
:trophy: @NBAKirkland (NBA Kirkland) unlocked You Rock from Rare Replay for 517 points (4/25)
:trophy: @WildwoodMike (WildwoodMike) unlocked The Future isn’t Written from Back to the Future: The Game - 30th Anniversary Edition for 201 points (1/25)


:trophy: @BigEll (Big Ell) unlocked Big Spender from Worms Battlegrounds for 425 points (3/25)
:trophy: @Kingsman_2625 (Kingsman 2625) unlocked Vidiot Savant from You Don’t Know Jack for 179 points (10/25)
:trophy: @Posty (Posty) unlocked Silver and Gold from Forza Motorsport 5 for 431 points (2/25)
:trophy: @thetominator177 (thetominator177) unlocked Chapter 7 Finished from Spheroids for 113 points (1/25)
:trophy: @Wiznyatt (Wiznyatt) unlocked Dead Giveaway from Left 4 Dead for 128 points (1/25)
:trophy: @Wiznyatt (Wiznyatt) unlocked Charles in Charge from Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds for 152 points (2/25)
:trophy: @Wiznyatt (Wiznyatt) unlocked Proving grounds from FIFA 16 for 184 points (3/25)