ENDED - The 4th Annual Great Random To Do List Challenge

Zed to Zed Podcast Presents…

The 4th Annual Great Random To Do List Challenge


The wildly popular contest hosted by Facial La Fleur for the last three years is back with a new twist. He is taking the year off, so Zed to Zed has stepped up to cover for him.

The Random To Do List Challenge of old would use the TA “Add Random Achievement to the To Do List” functionality, players would get a randomly generated list of 100 achievements to work on over the year. There were great prizes throughout the year and the grand prizes at the end of the year. There were always a lot of sign ups and good progress for the first month or two, but then things fell to a trickle once the list became more challenging. It was a lot of fun, but after the initial push – participants tended to lose interest and only a dedicated few could really get this list down (and only one person to ever complete it)

So what is Zed To Zed Podcast going to do about this year’s contest? Here is the plan:

The Contest

Each player gets a random list of 25 achievements per month to work on. The achievements will be randomly selected, but we are selecting the achievements from ratio blocks (see more details below). At the end of the month – the current list is wiped out and a new one is generated. This means that you will see 300 achievements over the course of the year.

The list of achievements can be found on the master spreadsheet (Google Drive).

Pro-tip: to get to your list of achievements quickly, select your name via the sheet selector, as shown here:

As people unlock achievements, they will be automatically scanned in to the spreadsheet and updates will be posted HERE.


  1. Achievements will selected from games listed in your TrueAchievements game collection based on the following criteria:

    • Games with a status of anything except Done with, and:
    • Games with an ownership status of Owned or Games with Gold
  2. Achievements will not be selected from DLC, title updates, or those flagged as discontinued, unobtainable, partially discontinued or unobtainable, or leaderboard required (TruSkill).

  3. You must maintain an achievement list of “locked” possible picks of at least 500 throughout the competition. This will ensure an appropriate pool of achievements to pull from as well as curb those unscrupulous hunters stacking their lists.

  4. Each month will start on the 1st of the month at midnight UTC (Universal Co-ordinated Time)

  5. Each participant will have 25 random achievements selected from their available pool. The aim is to give a spread of achievement difficulties.

    Achievements will be sorted by TA ratio from low to high and selected from the following criteria:

  • 12 achievements from the lowest 50%
  • 9 achievements from between 50% and 75%
  • 3 achievements from between 75% and 95%, and;
  • 1 achievement from the top 5%, for a total of 25.


  1. Each achievement will be worth a standardized 100 GS and be multiplied by the end of month TA ratio. For example, 1.00 TA Ratio is worth 100 points; 1.25 TA Ratio is worth 125 points; etc
  2. Points are finalized at the end of the month.
  • The final ratio at the end of the month will be the final score for that achievement.
  • Points are locked each month, so the changing TA Ratio over time only matters for the month the achievement is unlocked – after that, the points on the leaderboard become static.
  • We will be tracking monthly and yearly leaderboards once the full contest starts.

Prizes and Entries

  • 1 Grand Prize: Most points scored for 12 months – TBD
  • 2 Runners Up: 2nd and 3rd Most points scored for 12 months – TBD
  • 12 Monthly Winners: Name drawn from a random pool of participants each month - TBD
  • Entries
  • 1 entry per achievement unlocked
  • 5 Bonus entries for unlocking all 25 achievements in one month
  • The “Century Club” – unlocking 100 achievements throughout the contest puts your name into a drawing
  • Double Deuce – unlocking 200 achievements throughout the contest puts your name into a drawing
  • Month Long Warrior – unlock all 25 achievements in one month puts your name into a drawing
  • Others TBD

Contest Requirements

  1. Xbox LIVE Gamertag with at least 10,000 GamerScore
  2. Have a TrueAchievements account in good standing.
  3. Be a member of the Zed to Zed Forums
  4. Players that fail to unlock a single achievement within the month from their list will be removed from the list generator. They are free to rejoin at a later time.

That’s all great but how do I join this crazy thing?

I’m so glad you asked! You can join at any time by simply posting in this thread with your gamertag.

It is highly recommended that you go over to TrueAchievements.com and update your Game Collection:

You can edit the status of games by clicking on it’s boxart image when in Image View:

Or on the Edit button on the far right in List View:

Set the Ownership value as appropriate (usually “No longer have”) or set the Play status to “Done with” to avoid having achievements from that game selected.

You can also add games you have not started yet to your collection by going to the game page itself and selecting “Add to my Game Collection” from the Game drop-down menu:

I have an achievement in my list that I don’t want!

Don’t panic! We will reroll achievements in certain circumstances, including but not limited to:

  • Any Windows Phone of Windows 8 App achievement can be rerolled as these platforms are particularly flaky and can bug out or simply be wiped or lost. Additionally, many of these achievements are so ridiculously grindy that nobody in their right mind wants to do them. For the sanity of the organizers though, please remove these games from your collection if they are selected and you need them rerolled. Tarragon can get cranky if he has to reroll the same achievement multiple times.
  • You are new to the contest and didn’t understand how the TrueAchievements Game Collection worked
  • An achievement has subsequently been flagged discontinued, unobtainable or PDU since it was selected.
  • An honest mistake was made when adding a game to your game collection, for example you added the wrong regional version of a particular title.
  • Other reasons at the discretion of the organizers.

If you’re still finalizing the rules, I’d like to throw in my $0.02…

  • I like that Spaceman generated the lists as it avoided tampering.
  • Would like if it utilized the same features as H2H where we picked the games we still own. I get that this has an element of “tampering”, but it’s cleaner than “pick 20 games to exclude” or “dlc vs no dlc” that go across the board.
  • If there are prizes, tie them more towards the long game. This contest dies quickly due to fact that there are quick prizes up for grabs in the very beginning and then nothing until the contest has concluded. Having milestone checkpoints that are not easily attainable will keep people plugging away a the list for the duration of the year IMO.

Rules are up - still subject to change, but sign ups are open!

Get on the list:

  1. Freamwhole
  2. Spankynspronkle
  3. CSGeekSquad
  4. BuckMarley155
  5. LordChabelo13
  6. Posty
  7. Matrarch
  8. Keith271179
    9.Facial La Fleur
  9. Stushniken
  10. MitRialb
  11. Big Ell
  12. Kez001
  13. Cer3bra1asassin
  14. Weasel Pizza
  15. DolfanboyCJ
  16. Ghost World
  17. Bsmittel
  18. Mattism
  19. Xtowers
  20. GiantHunger
  21. Spazpol
  22. Jstryker416
  23. Acaraba2
  24. Kunzite508
  25. Angelsk
  26. zzUrbanSpaceman
  27. R56CooperS11
  28. Enter Gamertag
  29. McLovin Legend
  30. Tatey
  31. TheNyghty
  32. KooshMoose
  33. CannonFodder06
  34. NBA Kirkland
  35. Jellied Bigfoot
  36. Proulx
  37. ChasIII
  38. Nickhawkeye
  39. Officer_Zero
  40. WallRunnrNinja
  41. doughboyee
  42. lanykjustin
  43. SaucySlingo
  44. Xpovos
  45. v1p3rs_bite
  46. EnigmaGamer77
  47. DeathGuard
  48. DeadByLead2
  49. hotcurls3088
  50. Religious Nut
  51. Irish Goliath X
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Sign me up!! This is a pretty interesting version. I like how the new lists will eliminate that point we all reach mid-way through of those that are just too far out of reach!

Yep, plus with the limited number of entries we can handle - I’d hate to be scanning someone that isn’t participating when there are others that want to.

Beam me up Scotty. I’m in.

Count me in like the new format will definitely keep me motivated having a new list each month.

Count me in, maybe this year I can do 50% of it

Good work fellas - I’m in

I’m in! And now I have to satisfy the 20 character limit. :slight_smile:
Time to clean up the games collection again, haha

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Hi just joined the forums and would love to join this too!

Put me in, coach. I’m ready to play.

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I would love to join in on the fun.

I’m down. This should be fun

Here comes trouble! I’m in!

You KNOW I want in! 1234

Sign me up !! I’m def up for the challenge

oooooooooooooo lets go

I’d be game to try something like this out!

Well that backlog isn’t going to clean itself up so if possible can I add my name to that list :smile: