ENDED - The 4th Annual Great Random To Do List Challenge


Still figuring this out. I would like to join this months.


No problem: Even more to eat in on!


Could I reroll my Assassin’s Creed Pirates (Win 8) achievement? My computer freezes up when trying to run this game :unamused:


I’ve removed it, but TA is having some issues at the moment and achievement scans and updates are timing out for me. It’ll be re-rolled as soon as TA’s services are restored.


Hey Tarragon, any chance I could switch out my viva piñata gfwl achievement? Never been able to successfully install this game! Have removed from collection. Thanks


:+1: It’ll be re-rolled when TA stabilises.


Ty very much :slight_smile:


Sorry I didn’t group these well. I’d like to reroll the Modern Combat 5: Blackout (Win 8) also. Now that I’ve read into what that game is actually all about, it just screams dumpster fire. And I have no intention of paying several hundred dollars to complete a “free” game.
Thanks again!


Removed! Again, there’s issues with TA and I’ve paused scans and achievement picks for now, but it’ll be automatically rerolled when I start them up again.


Hey, could I rejoin? Was a busy month…


No problem: aphexbr’s RTDL


TA scanners are back online, running a big catchup scan now and we should be back to normal soon.


Can I get a re-roll of Flight Control (WP) Over Nine Thousand!?
Looks do-able, but some possibility of progress being reset. I will remove the game from my collection. Thanks.


Re add me thanks


:+1: Done, it will reroll during the next scan.


Here you go: Waffler’s RTDL


I could have sworn I got one last month but looking at the list I guess I didn’t. I would like to try again. Thanks.


No probs, here you go: Facial La Fleur’s RTDL


Apologies - just started to work on Tetris Blitz (wp)…put in about an hour before I realised I wasn’t connected to Xbox Live. Turns out through some research that the game does not connect to xbox live when using windows 10 (you have to have win7 or 8).

Can I have this rerolled please? Have again removed the game from my collection.

Thanks, Matt


No probs, it’s gone and will re-roll on the next scan.