ENDED - The 4th Annual Great Random To Do List Challenge


Hey, February didn’t work out the way I wanted it to and I didn’t get a chance to work on my to do list. Can you add me back in for March?


Add me back in please


Not a problem, here you go: Cannon Fodder06’s RTDL


Can I get a re-roll on Guitar Hero: World Tour (Super Group Unite).

Two of four of my instruments have corrosion damage and/or are unresponsive making it impossible to attempt. It’s been awhile since last played I guess, haha. I will remove it from my game collection. Thanks.



I’m afraid I’m going to have to say no here. You don’t need all the instruments yourself, you can do it online with a group easily enough - it’s a boosting session on TA away. I’m sure many Zeds would be happy to help out!


All good. Honestly, its going to be faster/better for me to order new instruments. Gives me the chance to hunt for other achievements. Hopefully they’ll get here on time, if not then oh well.


Hi, I’m new to the forum, but been listening to the podcast for several months. Can you add me to this month please. Gamertag beezelBug




:wave: Welcome! Here’s your list: beezelBug’s RTDL. Have fun!


Hi, I just signed up for the forum. Can you add me for this month, please?
Gamertag: christamDS

Thanks in advance,
Christian :slight_smile:


:wave: Christian

Here’s your list: christamDS’s RTDL

Have fun!


New months list is automatic or have to request?


If you unlock an achievement then you get added to the next month. If you don’t get any, then you need to ask to be kept on.


It’s automatic, and will always be in the same place: MrBean04’s RTDL

As long as you unlock at least one item from your list each month you’ll be given a new list on the next month.

Given you missed the update, how would be best to notify you of the new lists? I post here, ping Discord and also my Friend Feed on TA, but clearly I could do more…


Found The podcast a few weeks ago and would love to join, I think I have straightened out my games collection on TA despite having to sort through every 360 game individually GT is cowboykiller360


HI!i just joined the forums. I found the podcast a few weeks ago and would really like to join if still possible.I believe I got my game collection in order even though I had to go through each 360 game individually lol, GT is cowboykiller360

Edit: Sorry for the double post thought I hadn’t hit reply on the first.


Hi there! :wave: Thanks for giving our little podcast a try, and welcome to the Great Random To-Do List Challenge! Here’s your list: cowboykiller360’s RTDL


Hey! Can you add me to the list please?


Could I get a list for the month and I’ll try for a few before month end?
GT: kungfuskills


Sure thing, here you go: rthompson94’s RTDL


And here you go! Good luck!

kungfuskills’ RTDL