ENDED - The 4th Annual Great Random To Do List Challenge


Hi there! Just stopped by from TA and was wondering if I could get set up with a list? probably makes more since to wait for April’s though.


:wave: The month is about to roll over so I’ve added you to the list for April. You can use this time to go through your game collection on TA and set games you reeeeally don’t want to appear in your list do the play status “Done With”.

Your list will be generated with everyone else’s in about 21 hours time. :beers:


Is it too late for me to join in? If so, can I join in?


Just in time. :slight_smile: (Actually, it’s never too late to join). You’ll have a list along with everyone else for April.


The following people failed to unlock a single achievement from their lists in March and have been removed from the contest for April:



Added @rthompson94 back for April.


Add me back in please


Is it possible to be added back? I didn’t want to start the games I hadn’t started and couldn’t get to the rest


@CannonFodder06 and @KenH2k4 - I have added you both back in.


And in case it wasn’t already clear: APRIL LISTS ARE UP!


Hey by any chance could I get a re-roll on the rocksmith acheievemnts? I don’t own or have access to a real guitar in order to get those. And where in TA would I got to to remove it from my list so I won’t get any of these again?


I only saw one achievement, which I’ve removed and it’ll reroll itself on the hour.

You can change the ownership and/or playing status of your games here: https://www.trueachievements.com/gamer/FuFuCuddilyPoof/gamecollection


Awesome thx!


Can you add me back in. Have had a hectic couple of months at work and haven’t been able to spend much time gaming,


:wave: no problem, here you go: Steviep922’s RTDL


SpaceDegu here,
Can you put me back in the comp?
I did unlock one achievement on the 31st, was busy in March, but it didn’t seem to pop your end. Not that worried about it but would like to continue in April.

Shadow Complex Remastered
Let There Be Light10 (10)
Turn on your flashlight (Secret)
0.0You won this on 31 March 17 at 11:45 | There is 1 guide



Hey Spaceman, could I reroll my Windows Phone achievement? The one from Age of Empires: Castle Siege (WP)
Please and thanks!


No problem, here’s your list: SpaceDegu’s RTDL

Note that achievements have to be scanned in to TrueAchievements for my scanners to pick them up., It seems likely that TA simply didn’t know about the achievement when the scanners ran, and if TA doesn’t know, I don’t see it, even if it was actually unlocked within the period.


It’s cleared and will reroll itself, however - are you planning on playing that game at all? If not, please go into your game collection on TA and set it to a playing status of Done With so I don’t have to keep removing it from your lists if it turns up.


@zzUrbanSpaceman can I join this month?