ENDED - The 4th Annual Great Random To Do List Challenge


@keith271179, @Xtowers, I have re-rolled those achievements as you requested.


Need a Re roll on
Microsoft Treasure Hunt (Win 8) Why did it have to be Bats?
Tiny Troopers (Win 8) Spotter


Thanks Tarragon


I’ve cleared them, they will re-roll on the hour.


Hi, could I get back in again please? Hopefully a new list will give me some quick ones this time along with the time consuming ones I missed in April!


Sure, here you go: aphexbr’s RTDL



I’m requesting a reroll on these:

Ridiculous Marathon (WP) Zoo
Big Buck Hunter Pro Adventure (Win 8) Sharpshooter

Again, I added these to my done with list. I also went and cleaned up my game collection a bit more, so hopefully that will help. Thanks!


Can I get a list for May? Hopefully something on the list gets me back to gaming on my Xbox.


Can I get back in for May? Thanks


Can I get a reroll on Without Boosters in Bubble Guriko (WP)? Tried going for it but got hit by the level glitch, reset my progress, made it to level 35 and still no luck. Reading comments, the achievement may be too much of a headache if I have to reset multiple times and hope for the best with that buggy game.


acaraba2’s RTDL


Dealt with via Discord.


These have been cleared and will automatically re-roll on the next hourly scan.


Thanks again I’ll stay away from discord for this in the future…sorry


Not a problem! It’s just that Discord stuff can easily get overlooked that’s all, I don’t want to miss a request, plus in future (e.g. soon I hope) there will be more than one person who can handle re-rolls and so forth, so pinging me directly on Discord might lead to unwanted delays, that’s all. :slight_smile:


Hey @zzUrbanSpaceman, could you be so kind as to reactive my list? I got knocked out a few months ago, and I’d love to come back.


Sure thing, welcome back! :slight_smile:

TheSpinalClerk’s RTDL


My bad I forgot
About April’s achievements
Can I play in May?


Why of course you can
Who am I to deny you?


Hey can i get my “Gaining Face” achievement rerolled? I added the wrong version of sleeping dogs to my game collection :cry: