ENDED - The 4th Annual Great Random To Do List Challenge


The June lists are up in the usual spot!


Any chance of a re-roll on:

I no longer have a windows 8 computer (do have the UWP version tho)



Yep, no problem, it’s been wiped and will reroll on the next scan.


Had a busy month last month so I wasn’t able to work on my TDL but could you sign me up again for this month? I’ll be better. :wink:


No problem! Here’s your June list: Click teh likn. CLIKC ITTT!!1


Hi everyone!


I have made some changes to the leaderboard and personal tracking spreadsheets.

The most notable is some cosmetic changes to the layout of the monthly leaderboard page, but that shouldn’t be anything too shocking.

The other change, which is actually an added feature, is that everyone’s individual page and also the monthly leaderboard page now lists each competitors available achievement pool from True Achievements, based on the selection criteria for the contest.

If you weren’t already aware, we have a minimum pool requirement of 500 achievements (at achievement selection time, so at the start of the month for most of you). Some of the more competitive types, or possibly those who want to trim a lot of fat out of their pools like myself, can now use this pool value to get an idea of how much fat they can, in fact, trim.

The pool size will update every hour along with the regular scans.

If you have any questions about these changes, feel free to post them here or send me a PM.



But Wait! There’s More!

The monthly leaderboard now shows the potential maximum score for month.

The overall leaderboard now shows the average number of achievements and points per month, and also the number of “full combos” aka 25 out of 25 achievements unlocked in a month. (Thanks for the suggestion @NBAKirkland).


Possibly a small glitch…
On my personal page, in the “Historical” section… the values in the “points” and “# of achievements” columns seem to have been reversed. Also, under “September” (before I began participating), it is showing what I believe to be my averages, instead of putting them in their own separate column.
Hope that makes sense! Thanks for running this!


Cell references are important. Who knew!

(100 copy/pastes later) … fixed!

Thanks for pointing that out. :slight_smile:


Any chance I could have a reroll for the Zombie Driver HD achievement? I could have sworn I had bought it in a sale a long time back, but when I went to play last night it seems I only have the trial game :unamused: My mistake, but I’m not paying full price for it so I’d love a reroll, else I have a list of 24 this month!


I’m afraid it doesn’t really qualify for an automatic re-roll, sorry.


No problem, I’ll make sure it’s removed for next time!


I don’t remember earning as many points in May as it says… is there any way I can refer to more detailed records for previous months?


There isn’t a simple way for people to access their previous stats (although I’d like that - I’ll need to put some thought in to how to make it all accessible).

Here’s the May snapshot for you though from the reference spreadsheet:

10 achievements for a total of 2455 points. Does that seem right?


Yeah, I guess I was just busier than I thought. Thanks!


Is it too late for me to join in?


It’s almost never too late! :smiley:
Dibbs93’s RTDL
Have fun!


Completed 25 ranked matches, but didn’t get this buggy achievement: https://www.trueachievements.com/a22166/i-think-i-can-achievement
I knew it was glitchy. Wish I had not even tried for it now.
Reroll at your convenience.


Granted. It’s been rerolled.


@zzUrbanSpaceman I’d like a list for next month please.