ENDED - The 4th Annual Great Random To Do List Challenge


:+1: got you in the list


Hey, I goofed again removing Win8 games from my list. Can I got a reroll on the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger achievement. If not, it’s fine, but I don’t have access to it any longer!

Thanks, and thanks again for getting the lists up and going. :slight_smile:


Rerolled. Will update shortly.


Hi. Could someone re roll my list. It’s not showing up.

Many thanks.


That would be because you didn’t unlock any last month and didn’t pay attention to the message that warned you would be dropped and that you needed to tell me you didn’t want to be dropped. Just saying.

You have a list now.


This challenge is so cruel to us beandivers…always giving us end game achievements :scream_cat:


Sorry, would like to get a list again. I unlocked one on 6/30 at around 10:00 pm, but apparently the contest clock is either GMT or GMT+10 and I live in GMT-5. Will keep that in mind for next time! Thank you


Yeah, the cutoff is midnight UTC (GMT). You have a list now. :beers:


Got it - thanks!


Could I have a reroll on the Sonic CD, Fusion Sentient, and Pinball FX2 achievements in my list? I culled them from my collection.


Done, they’ll reroll on the next scan.


Can I also get a RE roll on pinball fx 2 please forgot to remove from my collection


Done, this will update shortly.


Can I get a new list. I was traveling for work this past month and got knocked out.


You’ll have one as soon as Google’s API starts working again (seems to be down at the moment, meaning I can’t update Google spreadsheets via code).


Can I get back in on this and generate a list the next at the next available slot? Been busy last few months back back to gaming again.



Yep, here you go: Irish Goliath x’s RTDL


Can I get added to the random to do list? Thanks!


Sure thing, here you go: Bluethunder7398’s RTDL


@zzUrbanSpaceman may I please be added back into the contest?