ENDED - The 4th Annual Great Random To Do List Challenge


Welcome back! JelliedBigfoot’s RTDL


Can GT: Weasel Pizza get a list for August?


I would like to be added back to the RTDL
gamrtag WallRunnrNinja


:+1: Got you both in the list for next month.


Probably wont have time to unlock an achievement this month, but can I still get a list for August please?


Sure thing buddy, got you on the list.


Reminder: new lists will be drawn at in approximately 19 hours from this post (after Midnight UTC). If you have any adjustments to make to your pool, now is the time to do it.


Can I be a last minute addition? Gamer tag: Elroyomj


Spaceman, I had a lack of gamerscore this month and didn’t unlock anything from the list. I’d still like a list for August.

edit - I grabbed one with 10 min to spare. Might not need manual entry.


@zzUrbanSpaceman - I haven’t unlocked anything this month but still wish to remain in the competition. Sorry I’m a bit late - was trying to unlock something today but didn’t make it!


Got you, lists will be drawn shortly.


Yep, you just made it!


No probs, got you in the list.


August lists are up!


Hi - I got Go for the Bronze in Microsoft Jigsaw. Is there anyway to get that one re-rolled? Thanks!


I’ve removed the achievement. It will reroll shortly.


Thanks so much!


Can I get a re roll on ‘suited for war’ in destiny as the guide on TA (https://www.trueachievements.com/viewcomment.aspx?commentid=793293#vch) says you need the DLC and I don’t have this, thanks


You got it. This should reroll shortly.


Hey, could I get back in on this? Also, changed my gamertag. It’s now IronFistofSnuff