ENDED - The Random To Do List Challenge - Season 2017 T3


Did you make any adjustments to the scanner? They seem to be going on the spreadsheet in record time. Super quick! Thanks.


Nope, it scans every hour same as always.


ElroyOMJ has inspired me! Can I get a list?


Sure: RTDL


RTDL time! list please


Here you go.


The following gamers have not unlocked any achievements this month and will be automatically removed from the competition. Please let a staff member know if you wish to remain in the competition - or unlock an achievement from your list!

@acaraba2 (acaraba2)
@aphexbr (aphexbr)
@Dibbs93 (Dibbs93)
@doughboyee (doughboyee)
@Greenguy81 (Greenguy81)
@kungfuskills (kungfuskills)
@Matty.H (Matty Heals)
@MichalKV (MichalKV)
@monkeybottles (monkeybottles)
@Spazpol (Spazpol)
@UnfadingShimmy (UnfadingShimmy)
@weazleylouise (Weazleylouise)


Can I be kept in for next season/month?


Yep :+1: