ENDED - The Random To Do List Challenge - Season 2017 T3


Here you go! thetominator177’s RTDL

PS: your pool size is enormous! O.o


And here you go, have fun! Morbid237’s RTDL


Hi, yes please Mr Spaceman.


Booyah - I got a freebie! I unlocked an achievement on my random to-do list on a game I was playing anyway without realizing it was on there!


You’ve already got a list! I saw your request elsewhere and added you. :slight_smile: SlugPellets1979’s RTDL


Thanks for adding me!
Can I get a reroll of my Yaris achievement, when I went through my games list I didn’t realize it had been removed from the store.


You can actually download it and burn it onto a disc or (I think) put it on a USB stick; there’s an ISO floating around with all of the free titles like that one, and it will work without any modifications.

However if you’re not interested in going that route, I’ll reroll it for you no problem.


Can it not be downloaded from your purchase history like other delisted games?


You can still redownload previously purchased Games for Windows LIVE content, yes.


Yaris is 360 though, XBLA technically. It should be available via download history, although there’s a chance it’s one of those “truly” delisted titles that can’t even be accessed that way.


Mr spaceman, may I please get a re roll for my windows 10 achievement in mahjong?? Thank you sir. PS I know “re roll” should be together but after the 6th autocorrect of refill I gave up…


'Tis queued. :+1:


Can I get a list of achievements for this, please?


ROFL, why do I confuse Yaris with Tinker? Both amazing games!


Here you go! LordChabelo’s RTDL


Can I get a list please?





Would also love a list!

GT: TheSpinalClerk


New season? Let me get in on this…

You know the tag!



Well, you already have a list, so it’ll just be there if you decide to use it.