ENDED - The Random To Do List Challenge - Season 2017 T3


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Hey - I’m just being paranoid and wanted to triple check something. I’ve had to re-do my Game Collection for UHH3 :grin:, and wanted to make sure I did it right. If something is set as Owned, with a status of Done With, it won’t be selected here, right?

There are a bunch of games I don’t really want to play (mostly GWG), or RPGs I want to savor, or that are alphabetically rare and I want to save for the gamertag challenges over here, but need to fill out the minimum requirements there.



So you’re looking for a game status that will be picked up by UHH but not by RTDL? Is that right? I need that also.


Rule #1 of the first post on this thread list the criteria for RTDL selection.
Criteria for UHH selection is on this page.


Right, that’s why I’m just triple checking. The rules are different in two different places for UHH, so I’m just making sure I wasn’t overlooking something here about “done with”


Games with a status of “Done with” are excluded from RTDL; it’s the way I personally control what is and is not selectable. So you can relax. :slight_smile:

It’s worth noting that TA added a new Ownership status: “Not for Contests”. This seems arse backwards to me: it should really be a Playing status. If I happened to use Games with Gold, EA Access, or even “Borrowing” as my ownership status, I lose that information if I set the game to Not for Contests.


Thanks. I had been using Unable to Play and No Longer Have to separate the two categories, but since I was way under on 2,500 achieves, spent a half hour or so changing one of them to Owned and Done With. Then I got paranoid and came over here to check.
I’ll probably change them to not for contests after UHH, I’m to lazy to do it again now. My goal now is to not unlock so much between now and registration closing that I have to put Dark Souls back in. :grinning:


Hey guys. Haven’t been around in a while but would love to give this a shot and show my support.


Welcome back mate! I hope you’re doing well. :slight_smile:

Facial La Fleur’s RTDL


With the UHH approaching, I may actually get back into achievement hunting. Sorry about 2 months in a row with out a single unlock :joy: . But with a new contest, I have a chance of actually keeping up with the competition. I’d like to join in.


I had asked a question about the javascript text to add all achievements to the to do list, but the question had already been answered so I edited my post


Here you go: IronFistofSnuff’s RTDL


Dirty Wyan

I’d like to join please


Here’s a nice clean list for you: Dirty Wyan’s RTDL


Can I get a list for this month?

Let’s see if UHH or this new RTDL can get me back into popping achievements.


Can I get a list as well?


Welcome back! acaraba2’s RTDL

Here you go: Kirkless’ RTDL


Update: I have created a new Google sheet for the global standings and historical lists. It’s in the OP if you want to find it later. Everyone’s monthly lists will be stored there for historical purposes as well.

Random To Do List 2017 T3 Global Standings

If for some reason you want to add a historical list to your Todo list on TA, you can find the magic Javascript string for this here:


I just heard about this from KooshMoose. Is it too late to get on the list?


Saw a post on TA for this today. Can join in? :slight_smile: