ENDED - The Random To Do List Challenge - Season 2018 Trimester 1


Zed to Zed Podcast Presents…

The Random To Do List Challenge - Season 2018 Trimester 1


The Great Annual Random To Do List Challenge was originally the brainchild of @FacialLaFleur. The idea was to use the TA “Add Random Achievement to the To Do List” functionality to add 100 randomly generated achievements to work on over the year, and the winner was the person who’d unlocked the most achievements after a year.

There were great prizes throughout the year and the grand prizes at the end of the year. There were always a lot of sign ups and good progress for the first month or two, but then things fell to a trickle once the list became more challenging. It was a lot of fun, but after the initial push, participants tended to lose interest and only a dedicated few could really get this list down. Only one person ever completed unlocking all of their achievements.

in later iterations of the contest, our own @zzUrbanSpaceman got involved and started adding advanced features such as exclusion lists, removing discontinued and unobtainable achievements (and in fact, this is where the terms “knobs and discos” originated from), and more.

@FacialLaFleur decided to stop running the contest, and so @Freamwhole and @zzUrbanSpaceman got together and decided to run their own variant of it.

With the help of the good folks over at True Achievements we were able to improve on almost all aspects of the contest and automate scanning, scoring, and many other cool things!

The Challenge

Every month, each player is given 25 semi-randomly selected achievements to work from. The achievements will be randomly selected from several bands of your available achievement pool. Your achievements are ordered by ratio, then your draw is selected from the following bands:

  • 14 achievements from the lowest 50% (up to the 50th percentile)
  • 7 achievements from the next 25% (50th-75th percentile)
  • 3 achievements from the next 15% (75th-90th percentile)
  • 1 achievement from the final, and top, 10% (90-100th percentile)

Points are scored based on the ratio of the achievements times 100, e.g. a 2.45 ratio achievement would be worth 245 points. Ratios are updated daily and so your scores may fluctuate based on changes to the achievement ratios on TrueAchievements.

Every month your progress is recorded, your list is wiped, and you’re given another 25 achievements.

This goes on for 4 months (one trimester), after which time the totals are tallied and the winner is crowned.

Good luck!

The Leaderboard and Statistic Tracking

We automatically select and record unlocks of the achievements in a public spreadsheet:

[Monthly Leaderboard] (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1S4JVjj0ABW2sCGO4riVZSrRqNs9XykV2A_YfR186Erc/edit)

Additionally, global standings and historical lists are available in this spreadsheet:

Global Standings

As people unlock achievements, they will be automatically scanned and updates will be posted in the following thread:


  1. Achievements will selected from games listed in your TrueAchievements game collection based on the following criteria:

    • Games with a status of anything except “Done with”, and:
    • Games with an ownership status of “Owned” or “Games with Gold”
  2. Achievements will not be selected from DLC, title updates, or those flagged as discontinued, unobtainable, partially discontinued or unobtainable, or leaderboard required (TruSkill).

  3. Achievements will only be selected from Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles.

  4. You must maintain an achievement list of “locked” possible picks of at least 1,000 throughout the competition. This will ensure an appropriate pool of achievements to pull from as well as curb those unscrupulous hunters stacking their lists. You can see your current pool on the contest spreadsheet linked above.

  5. Each month starts on the 1st of the month at Midnight UTC (Universal Co-ordinated Time).

Contest Requirements

  1. Xbox LIVE Gamertag with at least 10,000 GamerScore
  2. Have a TrueAchievements account in good standing.
  3. Be a member of the Zed to Zed Forums
  4. Players that fail to unlock a single achievement within the month from their list will be removed not have a new list generated the following moth. You are free to rejoin at a later time, or ask one of the contest managers to keep you in the contest the next month.

That’s all great but how do I join this crazy thing?

I’m so glad you asked! You can join at any time by simply posting in this thread with your gamertag.

It is highly recommended that you go over to TrueAchievements.com and update your Game Collection:

You can edit the status of games by clicking on it’s boxart image when in Image View:

Or on the Edit button on the far right in List View:

Set the Ownership value as appropriate (usually “No longer have”) or set the Play status to “Done with” to avoid having achievements from that game selected.

You can also add games you have not started yet to your collection by going to the game page itself and selecting “Add to my Game Collection” from the Game drop-down menu:

I have an achievement in my list that I don’t want!

Don’t panic! We will reroll achievements in certain circumstances, including but not limited to:

  • Any Windows Phone of Windows 8 App achievement can be rerolled as these platforms are particularly flaky and can bug out or simply be wiped or lost. Additionally, many of these achievements are so ridiculously grindy that nobody in their right mind wants to do them. For the sanity of the organizers though, please remove these games from your collection if they are selected and you need them rerolled. Tarragon can get cranky if he has to reroll the same achievement multiple times.
  • You are new to the contest and didn’t understand how the TrueAchievements Game Collection worked.
  • An achievement has subsequently been flagged discontinued, unobtainable or PDU since it was selected.
  • An honest mistake was made when adding a game to your game collection, for example you added the wrong regional version of a particular title.
  • Other reasons at the discretion of the organizers.

UGH! Adding all these achievements to my TA todolist is painful, surely there’s a better way?

Indeed there is! Now, this is not compatible with all browsers, but is known to work in Firefox and Chrome. Firstly, go to your page on the public spreadsheet.

This is cell A27: it looks blank, but it’s actually a secret field which has some text you can use to populate your TA todo list.


  • Copy cell A27 from your sheet
  • Go to your homepage on TA
  • In the address bar, type javascript: then paste the text you copied earlier
  • Press enter
  • Wait a few seconds - it takes a little while to make a bunch of calls to TA, if you navigate away you may miss some todo list items
  • Go and look at your todo list
  • :dancer:



People who are currently active in the RTDL (i.e. have unlocked an achievement during the final month of the last season) will automatically roll over to the new season.

The only rule change currently on the table is to create a soft limit for the minimum pool value of 5,000. What this means in practice is that I will attempt to draw a list for you that is greater than 5,000 in value, but after 10 attempts it will give up and run with the highest value pool drawn from those 10 attempts.


I can’t do anything about DLC or unstarted games without buy-in from TA, and @Freamwhole manages to steal all their time for community events anyway so it’s probably not going to happen unless I badger them, which I haven’t really done yet. Might happen over the break, might not.

You may have already noticed on the global leaderboard for last season that I added a leaderboard based purely on the number of achievements unlocked. It occurred to me that we could have a dual contest happening, one based on the score, and one just on pure unlocks. People would need to tweak their achievement pools one way or the other; getting both would be a challenge. I’d be interested to hear people’s thoughts on this.


I’d like to be included again (even though I’ll be eliminated in the first round), please. Thank you.


If you like, I can give you special treatment and always give you a new draw. You’re the grandfather of the contest after all. :slight_smile:


That makes me feel old. :laughing:


“Back in my day we were given 100 achievements at once, and had to make them last the whole year! You young whippersnappers have it easy!”


It’s entirely possible that I may have said that at some point… or at least thought it. :yum:


DARTH RYLOTH I’m gonna participate this year


Well the new year is coming up so I figured I would give it a try without editing my achievements. so if possible could I get included in January’s list?


Can you roll me in for January please. Thx


Yeah I’m not sure I’m going to unlock one for the current season, can I be included anyway? Cheers!


can I be included please.


Love to participate! nifkin1990


I’ll give it a go. W1cked Girl


Count me in!


Also is the 5k available draw pool a definite now or is that still up in the air? Just need to know to expand my list.


I haven’t had any feedback on the idea (for or against) other than a “sounds good” from Fream - so as I like it, I will implement it for next season. You shouldn’t really need to adjust your lists (but don’t let that stop you).

The process will attempt to draw a list with a total value between 5000 and 6500.

If, after 10 tries, it cannot get a list below 6500 then that gamer will not get a list and will be told they need to add more games to their pool.

If, after 10 tries, it cannot get a list above 5000, then the highest draw from those 10 tries will be used.


Hi Guys, started listening to the Podcast a few months ago… I’m up to Episode 56, though I did start listening to new ones as they happen and have knocked out 105 & 106.

Anyways, I’ll going for some big personal Achievement/Completion goals in 2018 and contests like these I’m sure will help me stay on track!

My Gamertag is: Mike Pitch

Looking forward to some friendly competition!


Excited to get back into this… did OK in December. The 12 Challenges slowed me down.


I would like to have a list, heard a lot of good things on the podcast. GT: Dobon