ENDED - The Random To Do List Challenge - Season 2018 Trimester 1


It’s Freakservo as well. Heh, guess I’m not that original when it comes to picking nicknames. =p


Hi guys

It’s been a while since I’ve signed up to be apart of the Random to do list challenge but I recently got back into the podcast and after having a little time off i’ve got the achievement bug again so can have a list for April or am I too late


Thanks Tony


Yes! Welcome aboard, Tony. @GhostWorld. One of the RTDL admins will get you hooked up with a list of April.
Also everyone should join us in the #rtdl channel of the discord chat for all the new list excitement. :stuck_out_tongue: https://discord.io/zedtozed
Tell them Wanda’s husband sent you (long story).


New lists are up.

Some people did not get new lists, for one of the following reasons:

  • “Pool value too high (maximum: 6500)” - after 10 attempts the generator gave up trying to find a suitable list. It will keep trying and may luck into a list eventually, but you can speed up the process by adding more achievements to your pool.
  • “Pool size too small (minimum: 1000)” - you do not have enough achievements in your pool. Add more achievements and a list will be generated for you on the next scan.

The following people did not get new lists:

@cowboykiller360: Pool value too high (maximum: 6500)
@Dobon: Pool size too small (minimum: 1000)
@Mark_B: Pool value too high (maximum: 6500)
@michaelused: Pool value too high (maximum: 6500)


Can I get a list? Was preoccupied last month and couldn’t even manage to get one :confused:


Can I please get a re roll for the kick in the back achievement for bionic commando? I unlocked it but my stupid 360 had went offline unbeknownst to me. Thank you if it’s possible.


:+1: You have a list now.


I’m afraid I can’t really do this.

While I’m certain that you aren’t attempting to cheat, 360 offline achievements are one of the common ways people do cheat, and if we allowed re-rolls for offline achievements that could open up the rest of the contest to those kind of nasty shenanigans in future.


Ok totally understand! I will be more vigilant in making sure it’s connected next time! Thanks anyway!


Just looked through my list and noticed one which seems to have to be unlocked offline in Fifa - https://www.trueachievements.com/a26402/the-parolin-manoeuvre-achievement

I can easily earn it but I don’t think it will be counted



Yeah, that’s a no-brainer. It’ll re-roll on the next scan.


could i get a new list please


Yep, 'tis done.


I also just unlocked an offline achievement in a Kinect Game. Dumb thing. It is so easy to make that mistake. Although I like Kinect games, I might need to mark them as done for the purposes of this contest.


Hi :slight_smile: Can I get added to RTDL please :slight_smile: Thanks!


Of course! List generated, you’ll find it on the spreadsheet.


Can i get a list for RTDL please.
My Gamertag is Homer


Is it too late to get added to the RTDL? If not can I get a list please.
My Gamertag is Homer


It’s never too late!

Here you go: Homer


I’d love to be added to RTDL. My gamertag is LORDOFDOOKIE69!