ENDED - The Random To Do List Challenge - Season 2018 Trimester 1


Welcome guys! Also I like your idea Tarragon. Gives me peace of mind for the start. Happy new years everyone! Be safe


Will there be a year long contest and leaderboard? @Freamwhole @zzUrbanSpaceman


The plan at this stage is three contests (trimesters).


New lists and contest are up!

The new leaderboard and tracking spreadsheet is here: RTDL Season 2018 Trimester 1 Leaderboard


@Mark_B After many retries your total draw value was still over 6500 - I’ll keep trying for a while and may luck out, but if you add more games to your pool it will make it more likely to happen sooner.



When you are on again and get a moment, may I have a list for the month. I promise to unlock many of the things. :wink:


Could you please refill the Tetris (WP) achievement on my list? I can’t find my other WP and don’t want to start over. Added to my done with list. Thanks!


List generated.




can Rippen 1 get added back into the rtdl please, thanks


Count me in, please! Thank you!!

Gt: ninjeestarr


Yep, I’ve rolled you a list now.


You already have a list?


Just signed up here. Can i get in for January? Thanks! tamster008


You sure can! Your list.


If it’s not too much trouble i would like to rejoin the game. GT is Buffalo of Lies. Thank you.


Sure thing, I’ve generated a list for you.


The spreadsheet has my pool at 1500 achievements, but as far as I can narrow down my game collection at https://www.trueachievements.com/gamer/Skeptical+Mario/gamecollection it should be closer to 1100. Can you help me find the discrepancy?

I have the filters set to show ‘Owned’ and ‘Games with Gold’ games with statuses ‘Playing Now’, ‘Starting Soon’, ‘On Hold’, and ‘Backlog’. Everything else is open.


Could you download your game collection (it’s the little disc icon under the menu) and send it to me (or load it into a shared Google Spreadsheet) so I can take a closer look?


Could I still join in for January?

GT - RadicalSniper99