ENDED - The Random To Do List Challenge - Season 2018 Trimester 1


Why yes. Yes you can. RadicalSniper99


Can I get a Rick Roll please?


Sure: SaucySlingo


Seein if I could get a re-roll on the Tiny Troopers (WP) achievement. I’ve removed all WP and Win 8 titles from my collection so upcoming months won’t be an issue.


I’ve cleared it, it will re-roll automatically on the next scan.


I would like to re-join the contest again please.


Sure: Here.


Could I please get added in again?


Here you go.


May I request a list for this month? Thank you sir!


You already have one.


Hi, can i get in on this getting back into achievement hunting and feel this competition helps me choose what to go for.



Sure, why not?


I’d like to try this. I am new and not quite sure how it works. I’d like to request a list pleases and thank you!


That’s all you needed to do! Welcome aboard, and here’s your list. Have fun!


I have made a big mistake and have forgot to take some games off my collection after UHH last year could i please get a re roll on the below:

Deadpool (xbox 360)
Dead Space: Ignition



:thinking: ok, just this once though. They’ll reroll on the next scan.



A few bugs in the way the count of pool sizes are calculated have been discovered over the last few weeks. I’ve just got off the metaphorical phone with Rich and am pleased to say that those bugs are gone, as well as some other bugs and changes I’ve been wanting for a while.


  • The pool size query was not excluding the same games as the achievement selection query, notably games that had a status of “Unable to Play”, “Loaned out”, and probably others were not being excluded.
  • Title Updates were being counted in the pool when they shouldn’t.
  • Achievements unlocked offline were counting as valid unlocks for the contest.


  • The pool and selection query now use the same criteria – which is actually based off the same criteria that TA uses internally for it’s other contests – with the addition of excluding games with a status of Done With (which is specific to our contest).
  • Title Updates are now excluded as they should be.
  • Offline achievements will no longer count.

Note: Nothing changes as far as your game collections go. Only “Owned” or “Games with Gold” games that have a status that is NOT “Done With” will be selected from.

Other Changes

I took the opportunity to request one other change to the pool selection criteria, and this was to only select from Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. We’d been considering this for a while, and we actually have a special re-roll provision for Windows and Windows Phone achievements. Sorry all you Windows gaming enthusiasts but they are more trouble than they’re worth for the contest I’m afraid.

Please take the time to check your pool size on the main leaderboard and ensure you have enough in your pool, otherwise you may risk some delays getting a new list next month.


Did the re-roll rule apply to Win 10? I thought it was just WP and Win8.

There does seem to be some problems with WP and Win8 achievements in general, but is Win 10 really an issue?

I like to go back and work on the few WP and Win8 games I have in my collection when they come up.

Wouldn’t a better solution be to let people have them in their game collection at their own risk?


No, it wouldn’t be a better solution, because we’ll be constantly pestered with “crap, such and such an achievement in this game didn’t work, can I get a re-roll?” questions, which is exactly what the blanket “free re-rolls” rule was introduced in the first place.

As for Windows 10 vs other versions - there’s not always a clear distinction. Plenty of Windows < 10 games are ALSO Windows 10 games.