Episode 34: Guest Rich Stone (TrueAchievement) of TrueAchievements.com


Howdy folks,

Assuming all goes to plan, I will be speaking with Rich Stone in about 20 hours from posting about all things achievements, and of course TrueAchievements, and his favourite genre, RPGs.

I’d like to throw it open to the community: do you have any questions for the man who runs (imo) the best achievements website out there?


How proud does Rich feel in seeing a seed of an idea for a little website coded around his hobby blossom into the success story that True Achievements has become and where does Rich see the site heading into the future.

I remember seeing your one PC scanning single accounts in your spare room at a relatively slow pace so with the expansion of TA over the years how hard has it been to keep the business side of things like the cost of better servers and now having an office with staff down?


I think a statistically significant portion of TA and Z2Z peeps are technical in nature. As a developer I’d be really interested in hearing about the history of TA w/r/t technology and hardware.


With lots of people recently doing bean dives, and therefore having a great deal more locked achievements than at any other time. Would now be a good time to do another uhh contest? Also to a fellow Spurs fan, where do you think we will finish in the league this season?


Is there any opportunity to expand leaderboards to non-member to get a truer sense of ratios? When on the PS3, I belonged to PSNProfiles.com, I believe they had some mechanism that scanned your friends list to look for non-members and add them to the leaderboard (without standard updates that members enjoy… maybe they are scanned once every week). We also signed in with our PSN accounts so it was possible, which is materially different from TA.

On a similar note, are there any talks in the works with the Xbox team to share more data with you to get a better picture of the achievement landscape? You seem like a perfect partner to do the true rarity scores, leaderboards, etc.

One other question, or more a comment really, is that I think TA would benefit largely from people being able to make their own contests and I would also like to see a badge system related to games (i.e Fshguys Badge Calculator on 360voice, GTN’s Badge System, even the manual process on Achievement Hounds). Any plans to introduce this in the future?


Which of TA’s many contests is Rich’s favourite? Bean Dive, Leap Frog, UHH, Rocktober, GTASC?