Episode 35 Zombie News Corner


You’ll know what to do when you hear it on the podcast.


SO I was cleaning out some boxes from our storage room in the basement while listening to the podcast. And as I was wondering why in the world do we have a box of hangers (both plastic and wire), you posed the question. Guess I now know why they are there. I’ll keep them just in case I have to get all MacGyver with them.


A can of Pepsi Max Cherry and some S’mores Oreo’s. Not going to get me very far but at least I would have a nice snack!


Brilliant - loving the responses.


I was listening to the podcast whilst doing some leaf blowing at work, so there’s my answer. I’m guessing it wont get me far, probably more likely to annoy them!


A cup of hot earl grey tea.


2 pugs…will be interesting I guess.


Never underestimate the power of Earl Grey. Hot.


I was “working” when the question was asked. I had a tray of corn beef pasties in my hands at the time. Zombies are going DOWN


Galaxy S7 Edge, i dont think id be getting any where with that.


You could call some friends with more helpful tools.


Yeah so I was driving so I guess it would be a iced coffee… At least it gives me a bit of energy to stay awake longer :wink:


I’m at work so my choices are desk phone, plastic water bottle or squishy stress rock…not liking my odds.


A bag of my dog’s poop. This is going to get very ugly.


I have the Ozark Trail version of a Yeti it’s pretty heavy duty so I think I could do some damage…


HP ElitePad

I’m not sure about the durability - any thoughts @Spazpol ?

(mod edit: added @ reference)


Well I don’t know what I will do with a Yellow Highlighter!


If you could get through, the lines would most likely be over congested with calls or service might of gone down!


I was lucky being at work, wrenches, saw blades, and tons of tools …time to pull a chuck greene and duck tape some stuff together !:smiling_imp: :grin:


@planting42 the Elitepad 1000 G2 is MIL-810-G spec, so it can survive a 6 foot drop, is made of machine grade aluminum. So it could probably hold up well in melee combat, but the range on it would probably not be the greatest.